Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All Good Things Come To An End

 I'm back in Japan now, in my room after a week's holiday in Seoul, Korea. Slept at 8 and got up at 3 *.* .Have been terribly down for the past 2 days ( the day before I leave Korea and the last day ). Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful time in Korea, a 10 girls(all seniors) 2 guys trip was much more interesting , or fun than what I have thought. In fact, it was just superb. 

 Leaving home to study in Japan, we can hardly meet Malaysian friends . And when we meet again, it was neither in Japan nor Malaysia but in Korea. That feels kind of special. Oh it was a crazy trip.

Akashi Kosen : May Ching, Joyce and me
Gunma Kosen : Xin Ning, Pik Yee
Nara Kosen : Wern
Wakayama Kosen : Wan Ying
Kitakyushu Kosen : Kai Ning
Suzuka Kosen : Kelly and Tang Yii
Oyama Kosen : Joceline
Nagaoka Kosen : Joanne

 I think I was so happy, too happy that made me felt so hard to say goodbye.All good things would come to an end. The better time you had means the harder for you to say goodbye? Maybe I need a few days to become normal again. Its been so long since I last speak Chinese and English so freely for a week. Now gotta get back to Japanese again. Hee.. Well I won't talk much anyway until the school starts. 

 Thanks to everyone who made this trip a success. I had such a great time there. 

 Special thanks to organizer Joyce and MayC , and new friends that I made - Malaysian students in Korea whom take good care of us, even it was just for 2 days : Er Seng , Michelle , Mei Yee , Zhan Wei , Amy and some others sorry I can't remember all of your names.

 Should have post bout Korea la.. Don't know why am I writing sad stuffs. Aiks.. Will do it later la.. Must pull myself back to reality. *slaps*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Holla!! Hello from Seoul, Korea !!! It's cold here *****freeze*****
-4 celcius +.+''

Everything is cheap , since I'm holding Japanese yen. Hehe..

I'm gonna :

Eat, eat, eat, eat and eat, and have lotsa fun!!!!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Keanu Reeves.. Was An Hour Away!!!

 Went to host family's house for xmas lunch today.. And she told me that Keanu Reeves came to somewhere near town for the launch of 'The Day The World Stood Still'.

  I was like... WHAT??? He was just an hour away from me yesterday. How come I didn't know bout it?? ARGHHH !! When other oBaa-chan  heard the news they too shouted like this : 何(nani)??!!

 Click here for the news( in Japanese though)..

  Sigh.. Double sigh!! It's Keanu Reeves!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Wanna create a new definition for the word 'Christmas' for those who are in a foreign country. 

Definition : The birth of Lord Jesus Christ .
and,   Gathering of all family members and celebrate it in joy and peace... will be changed into :
 a tough period where he/she has to endure the difficulties of loneliness,being away from home or , the period when he/she misses  home the most. 

synonym : homesick 

Everywhere you go, people talk bout Christmas. I think the Japanese are more excited on Christmas than Christians in Malaysia. This is no joke. You get to enjoy the 'Xmas atmosphere' everywhere you go, especially in big cities. Shopping malls, furniture shops, electronic goods shops, train station, everywhere. I could hear Christmas songs being played. Waitress in cute santa costume, even workers in convenience store, they are in full red, with a Rudolph's horn on their head. Lights in the city, just like what you can see when it is Hari Raya in Malaysia.

I bet if you are in certain malls in Malaysia now, you can hear Chinese New Year songs right? Those noisy drums.. From my experience. ;p

Well, this lovely Xmas atmosphere is not helping me. These are making me to feel down when I go shopping>< (yeah I went shopping again). I miss going Xmas shopping with my sisters and mom(not because I can use their credit card ). I can't get to collect my presents under the Xmas tree anymore. I wanna give my mom a present.I wanna have that delicious Xmas dinner with my grandpa. I wanna sing ENGLISH Xmas songs in church cause I don't understand a thing what are the Japanese singing here. 

I've got to endure this. The second strike is coming soon, a month after Xmas ---> CNY. Sobb..
I wonder any cute Japanese girls wanna know more bout Xmas? I can tell her everything I know since the Japanese wants to know about western culture so much.
What the heck, I don't want any girls. I miss my family. I miss home. 

By the way, Merry Christmas :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sexy Pilot? Sexy Uniform? Sexy Attitude?

  Gosh I'm going to share something very embarrassing today.. Most of you might think that 

'Oh I never thought that Vincent is that kind of person'
'Yierrr.. why this guy so disgusting one?'
'I must not tell anyone that I have this fellow as my friend'
'I'm not going to read this blog aymore..'

then you'd better stop reading.. I don't want to spoil the image of mine on you guys ( IF I am that kind of good guy to you. wahahhaha~~~) 
But if you think that.. aiyah Vincent as an evil la.. then welcome, please con' reading. ^^

OK here it goes...:

  I just found out.. I just found out that.. that... that.. that.. Japan Railway (JR) 's pilot (WOMAN).. are.. are.. are.. are...are so damn freaking sexy!!!! 

  With their smart looking suits , a cute hat.. hair tied up neatly(like a rice ball hanging there  below their hat).. pretty and hot + not so thick make ups.. snow white gloves.. badges and stripes on their uniforms .. Carrying a black working bag .. always standing straight, giving a full 90 degree bow when they move from a coach to another.. ( I actually had a chance to sit at the first coach of a train where I can see the every single moves of a pilot perfectly clear. The pilot was a really ...... lady )

  Of course, maybe not all of them are that HOT but I found that most of them ARE.(Actually not 'A', but a several chances to sit at the first coach ) I don't know why I was attracted by their appearance. Maybe is it because usually pilots are males? No they don't wear extremely short or mini skirt when they are on duty. Just normal pants, unlike those in McD or maid cafe, or other restaurants. But why???? Why do I think that they are so sexy????

  After thinking and thinking.. I realized. There were no smiles on their face. (Doesn't mean  I want my future wife to show me serious face everyday) Navigating a train is a very serious matter, just like navigating an airplane. Japanese' attitude - work professionally. You can see that in almost every places which provides services. Restaurants and saloon are the best examples. With all those 'irrashaimase~~~' , 'arigatou gozaimahita~~~' and so on. But when it comes to navigating a train, the most important transportation in Japan, it is a no-laughing matter. A train carries more passengers than an airplane(I even mean airbus) . So can you say airplane pilots carry more responsibility than a train pilot?

  OK back to my topic. Uniforms from Japan. CUTE RIGHT?? Who doesn't agree with me on this? I uploaded a picture of mine in Japanese high schools' uniform in Facebook, I got so many overwhelming responses. Wahaha~~  Sailor uniforms, maid uniforms, cosplay, etc etc. They are so famous in this world that MOST of the GUYS in this world know that Japan produces the best adult videos , or has the largest p*rn industry in the world. And the hot items are ladies in uniforms. Guys if you are reading this don't act that you don't know just admit it. Ladies if you don't know bout it please take note that most of the guys do know bout this fact.  *winks*

  I don't know if I'm going to walk to the furthest side of the platform just to get onto the first coach everytime I get the chance to board onto a train. People from Akashi don't tell others if you see me standing at the furthest side of the platform. Hmmm..I'm not going to do that anyway so no worries.;p  I'm not sure bout other places (I'm in KANSAI, which means most of the HOT pilots that I saw were under JR West. JR East,North .. I have no idea. Other friends mine to share?

  At the end of the day.. All I wanted to say is.. Actually I was attracted by their so-professional attitude.I found those sexy.  Hehe~~--->Don' say this 'hehe' betrayed my last sentence. I really mean it... :P

Monday, December 8, 2008

好想 好想 好想逃走




一个字   > 廃

Saturday, December 6, 2008


  Well, this is not MY DECEMBER, but wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear sempai -> May Ching , it is her birthday today. Thanks for all your guidance all these while ;).

Next, to this cute lil girl Chew Hong which is TOMORROW ..big girl d!! X.X Take good care of yourself, Don't play too much even though it's your right to play all you want now. Heee~

Then to miss blurr siew feng (at the end of December so no need to mention la still long to go.) 

Then to the to-be Miss Sendai ms Pang Jun Hui, bravo Kisarazu mr Lai Chai Ei 

and , last but not least my leng chai cousin Alvan Tan

MayC (6th), CH(7th) , Jun(16th), Chai Ei(17th), Alvan(27th) , Siew Feng(28th). >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HAPPY BIRHTDAY~~

Wow.. That sounds a lot huh? But I think there were quite a number more .. Sorry if I forgot to mention k.. Jgn letak dlm hati ye!

Early December.. entered winter.. cold and windy.. Exam..!!

But after exam, mid December.. everything's going to be alright! Hehe~~
Got to know something today, damn happy. Which is ----->COLDPLAY is coming to town!! Yeah !!!! So happy!!!! They will have 2 shows in Tokyo and 2 IN KOBE. KOBE!!! wohooo~~so happy. Ticket starts selling on 20th this month, cost 9000 yen which is around rm360 . *.* Expensive. But who cares? Its COLDPLAY dude! One of the best band in the world. I can't wait to sing along .Hehe.. Their first show in Tokyo is SOLD OUT.Gosh... Gotta act fast before I stay alone on Valentine's Day next year. I'm going to the 14th February show. Makes me won't feel that lonely. Wahaha~~ but come to think again, seeing all those couple kissing there in concert...Yucks!! Hope its not going to happen. It'll be really annoying. Just because I'm single? Hmmm... Maybe I have been single for too long. Hahaa~~

Clocks in My Place are Yellow, which creates A Rush of Blood to My Head. The Scientist tried to FIX ME(you) but all those X & Y traveled like the Speed of Sound ..... i dont know how to continue. Got it? These are all classic songs! Ermm.. I'm not a very good song writer though. 

Seriously in my mind, all the clocks in the world are green color for me since I saw their music video  'Clocks'. Fuh~~ 

The most important thing of all in December is...... CHRISTMAS!!! Too bad I can't celebrate it with my family this year . But.. but.. I'll be loitering around Seoul on that day I guess. Wahaha.. So don't mind la. Christmas wish? I wish to see LINKIN PARK live in Japan next year. Hmm.. Don't say I'm greedy la k..

K gotta go back to my notes soon. It's da scary Strength of Materials. ><

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Robotic Sex

 These are what I found in a book, Vision Technology. Inside it, lots of essays related to technology from 1900 to future predictions. One of them I found interesting,written by Joel Snell in 1997 :

byline: Joel C. Snell

title: Impacts of Robotic Sex


Robots that provide sexual companionship are likely to become common in the future. Prototype models have already been reported from Japan. (Take note!)


The future “sexbots” will have humanlike features, and are soft and pliant, like the latest dolls for children. Sexbots will contain vibrators to provide tactile stimulation and sound system to provide “love talk.”


Sexbots will be disease free, won’t judge one’s sexual performance and won’t say no. They will never have a headache or demand alimony.


They could alter human relations. Here are a few impacts of sexbots:


* Marriages may be destroyed by sexbots. A husband chooses sex with the sexbot, alienating his wife; the jealous wife destroys her sexbot rival and sues the manufacturer.


*Individuals may change gender orientation. Heterosexual people may use a same-sex sexbot to experiment with homosexual relations. Or gay people might use other -sex  sexbots to experiment with



*Robotic sex may become addictive(This sounds a bit dangerous). Sexbots would always be available and NEVER SAY NO, so addictions would be easy to feed. People may become obsessed by their ever faithful, ever pleasing sexbot lovers and rearrange their lives to accommodate their addictions. Eventually, support groups form.


*Robotic sex may become “better” than human sex. Like many other technologies that have replaced human endeavors, robots may surpass human technique; because they would be programmable, sexbots would meet each individual user’s needs. Would electronic and robotic sex reduce teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, abortions, pedophilia, and prostitution? The jury is still out on these

implications. However, boundaries, barriers, and beliefs will be challenged.


..What will happen to my great-grandson then? Hmmm.. I think it's not going to happen in my lifetime. So I won't have the chance to enjoy it. LOLZ
Read online news last 2 months that Japanese guys are trying to make marrying anime characters legal. So I don't see any reason this thing won't be happening in future.

What say you?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

R.I.P my dear adidas ~

  My cellphone has not rang in the past 2 weeks. Maybe it did once or twice which I can't remember.. My dear PPKTJ mates, are you facing this too in Japan? Or am I the only one? Got so despo today that I holding this pink little thing in my hand and said : can you please ring?or make some noise? Other than the morning alarm noise. Sigh so kolian la!! 

  Exam starts Monday. My third one here, so I'm not really nervous this time and am taking it slowly , without putting much pressure on myself. Just tell myself that I'll try my best, that's it. Remembering my first 2 exams.. There were quite terrible. Hmmm.. Now I can even blog even though it is in 48 hours' time. hehe ^^

  Oh yeah , my sneaker. Tak sampai setahun pun.. dah nak buang da. bukannya i kaya, tapi mmg dah tk blh pakai dah..
  Which means.. SHOPPING after exam.Muahaha~~~

Sunday, November 16, 2008



中間試験が近づいてきて、来週三連休なんで人ごみがいっぱいに決まってるから、昨日京都へ行くことにした。天気予報が土曜日雨が降るって放送されたが、昨日一日中一滴の雨も降らんかった。ホーストファミリー、オレとルーさんもいっぱい徳行してきたからかなぁ。。(笑)> ホーストファミリーのお母さんによる言葉。

ホーストファミリーのおかげで、いろんなところを回わってきた。京都国立博物館、三十三間堂の千手観音、風神雷神、清水寺、お煎茶体験、京都永観堂の紅葉狩り。。日本で初めて渋滞も体験した!名神高速道路で京都から大阪まで2時間もかかった。。> めったにないことでしょ。観光地で高校のセーラー服着てる高校生もいっぱいおった。声かける勇気がなかったけど ><

教科書の写真と肉眼で見たのは全然違う。。雲泥の差ゃ!清水寺でも人がたくさんいて、あの有名な音羽の滝の清水、三つも飲みたかったんけど、結局『勉強』のを飲んでしまった。試験が近づいてきたからね。。お父さんが三つも飲んだらおなか壊す。。って *.*



永観堂 - the famous spot for red leaves

清水寺 - Kiyomizu temple
左から:縁/結婚 ,健康 ,勉強
It is said that you can drink only one of this 3 to improve your
from left : love, health,studies

Had this thing in Kyoto national museum. Great experience.
The Japanese kept saying delicious delicious but I felt the tea was a bit salty.
Not so for me :(
Tak und Japanese culture lagi kut
Geisha,but I think these are fake ones. Where can get to see so easily one?!
Another temple

Kyoto! What a beautiful place it is. Hehe... Had a nice trip to Kyoto with my host parents plus Wern yesterday. From morning till night. Tired walking around here and there but it was worth it! Especially since it is the red leaves season and I was able to visit Kiyomizu Temple , the famous temple.

Prefer these red leaves more than sakura Heee~~

Friday, November 14, 2008

Don't Think That We Are Very Relax!

 I know Monbusho scholar students (from Japanese government) can't get your scholarship extended when you enter university if you score below 80 percent in EACH and EVERY SINGLE subject while we, as Malaysian government sponsored students can as long as we pass the university entrance exam.

 But don't talk in class as if I am not working hard, or any of my other friends do not work hard to do well in studies! Yes we are lucky, but we are not fooling around here! We too work hard and among the friends that I know, none of us are aiming just to pass any entrance exam and enter a university for the sake of receiving our government's scholarship. 

 You guys are hardworking, and its far more challenging,I admit. BUT don't talk as if I'm relaxing 24 hours and having an easy life

Saturday, November 8, 2008

高専祭 Akashi College Festival

  ANCT Fest, the call it. Heard from my friend, that almost all high schools, colleges and universities in Japan have this thing, something like our canteen day. BUT, this thing that we are having in National Colleges are a lil bit more grand than those in normal high schools.

 I could see how well they organization an event, their crew member worked very hard, preparing days and months just for this event. *respect* . It went very smoothly and I didn't see any problem occurred. It was just so systematic! *salutes again*

 As foreign students, we set up our very own store selling South East Asian style food, our menu consist of murtabak, kaopun(will intro it later), Mongol tea and chrysanthemum tea. It was fun cooking, shouting and selling but at the end of the day it was freaking tired. Just collapsed and went into dreamland straight after first day's event ended. Another bad thing bout this is, the number of foreign students are limited thus all of us worked 'overtime' without much time to rest, go walk around and have fun like other students. *sigh*
 But we made lots of money. Hehe~~ *evil smile*

 Most of them who ate it said delicious. Don't know can believe or not.. Cause they will never talk bad bout you in front of you! My classmate who sat behind me came on the first day and second day to buy murtabak tiruan. hehe~ But on second day he said I should have put more curry powder in it >< . Then till the final sale I threw in the curry powder like tak payah kos(just like wanna turn something from sweet to sour - >to turn chocolate into plum??!!)

Entrance : the huge X thing was made by
 students from the 3rd year architecture students
Our crew! Special thanks to Kitano, Kim's tutor for the help.
Kaopun, a very delicious dish from Laos.
The preparation work was like...
Worked till late night, got up in early morning to prepare it.
Guess who's this cute lil hand's owner.
hehe I finished this bowl all by MYSELF.
While this murtabak (tiruan version) was a bit easier 
But rushed a lot when doing it

Highlights of the day : 女装コンテスト
my cute juniors from basketball
Among this 3 persons, one of them was a teacher!
salutes again. hehe.. Imagine Mr. XXX from PPKTJ doing this back in Msia.
I'm not going to name it out. hoho~

All the foreign students. Special thanks to Chin Leong and Lao Da who came here , didn't get to have fun but need to help us pulak~


Thursday, November 6, 2008

All the best!

 Yes you can.. believe it! Just try your best. Believe in yourself. I believe in you too. ^^

 My SPM was a bad experience for me. Haha.. You know why. It's not going to happen to you,so just stay calm and go for it! Pressure sure got, but it comes from yourself kua.. I guess? right??!! right??!!

 Good luck!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Four Seasons

Four scene of love and laughter

I’ll be alright being alone

Four scene of love and laughter

I’ll be alright being alone

Four scene of love and laughter

I’ll be alright being alone

Four scene of love and laughter

I’ll be ok

春の光 集めたら 花咲かせて

夏は月浮かぶ海で みつめて

秋の風 冬の雪も その吐息で 暖めて欲しい

four seasons with your love 

  Parts of the lyric from 安室奈美恵's Four Seasons. Though I have yet to experience the real winter, I can say I'm just lovin' it.. 4 seasons! Spring > Summer > Autumn (now) > Winter (to come).

  Thank God for bringing me here.. I'm enjoying myself to the max. Can wear scarf, jackets,snow cap etc and make myself look great without feeling hot.LOL..Yeah I'll be alright being alone..'Four scene of love and laughter,I'll be ok '  :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Jamuan Raya

Suba, first wanna say sorry first cause I don't think I'm going to do your tag.. its too long la wei!! Better for me to show you some pics or update you bout me right? lolz~ lame excuse.

Met some old friends, from PPKTJ in Kobe on Saturday for jamuan raya, kansai version. Chimax and Bil came all da way from Kochi, while Arif/lif x2 from Maizuru came too.. Of course,dudes from Nara (Wern and Adam) came too.What a sacrifice!! Lolz..tu la semangat hari raya kan?! Ops almost forgot to mention Taufik from Wakayama. Alan and Gane.. WHY DIDN'T COME??!!

It was good, meeting old friends, talk bout our lives in Japan and lives back in PPKTJ nostalgically. Highlights of the day were the FOOD of course. Hehe.. and we had the red color drink I can't even remember the name d..sirap or bandung or sth? kaolat liao like this.. I need someone to speak with me in BM more (the same goes to mandarin and english). Next, Lepak-ing around in Kobe.One of my most favourite place in Japan. It was just..great! Came back with last train home. Tiring~

Just a simple gathering, waited for an hour before it started (biasala org msia kn?) But the President didn't give much talk , just say sila menjamu selera. wowohoo~~ how nice was he. The first thing that gone empty was ayam rendang i think.. we had ketupat, nasi biru(kerabu?) kua sate,kuih raya..etc etc. so nice :D

You going to laugh like crazy when you are with this geng cause their jokes are so 'padu'-a new word I learnt and we crapped nothing for the whole day? Even laughed till my stomach cramped twice. =.=''. Went Kobe Port, sat by the port enjoying the not-cold not-hot weather while looking at the amazing nightview. :)

Adam's missing.
The food that I dreamt about every night..
Gonna dream bout it again tonight!

 Have a Akashi kosen pics also (including Michael the OB) but Kim was missing. See them in Joyce's blog k?

Monday morning... It's Deepavali back home. Fire crackers must be exploding themselves here and there , polluting the air now huh ? Is my nephew baby Nicholas sleeping tight there? Hope he does~ Oh~~No festive feelings here at all.

HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO ARE CELEBRATING! Especially to Gane and Suba too..Hope it's not going to be a too-bad first-diwali experience in Japan for you guys. かんぱい!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I don't blog everyday,not a daily blogger. Only when the 'feeling' is there, then I'll come online and create a post.

I have turned my computer off, 2 hours back, preparing to go to bed soon. It is 1.21 am now. Still the feeling is here, telling me to turn on my notebook again and write this post.

Sunday night, or Monday morning. It's getting worse. I can't stand my loneliness. Being thousand miles away from home. Turned to my handphone, trying to find someone to sms with. Nobody. My Hotmail Inbox, no new e-mails. Facebook, Friendster, no new messages. Fine. Get down to have a walk outside, it's quiet. No one's around , and its cold outside.

Got myself back into my room. Yeah.. I have it. it's MY book. Specially written to me. Published by Mahadians 05' grads.

Me first time reading it when I was on da plane, above the Pacific Ocean. Then when I was free I would open and read it.

It's the first time I'm reading it out of desperation. From the first page till the very last page took me more than usual time. I make sure I did not miss any single word, or letter that's written in it. My beloved friends worked on it till the late hours at the night before my flight to Japan, on 27 of March this year. Wai Kuan's letter to me was written at 12.48 am, 27th of March. You guys were really rushing weren't you?

The encouragement words.. the pictures.. the description on me, the stories from our past. Words can't explain my feelings right now. You guys helped me.. When I'm tumbled. Thank you.

I'm alive again, the aggravation is gone. In a flamboyant mood I'm welcoming tomorrow's classes!

Love you all

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Go Fucking Burn in Hell !

My 60th blog.A hot-tempered one.

Someone stole my bicycle 2 days ago(from my dorm) and I found it just out of the school compound yesterday.
After stealing it, use it kao kao still dare to return it to me?!
The worst part is, the tyre is punctured.

No matter who you are,I wish you go Fucking die,and get fucking burning in hell.
You know how much does it cost to repair it? It is RM2~3 in Msia but it is around ¥1000 in Japan, that's around RM34.

I'm going to get you killed if I know who you are. I'm pretty sure he's someone from my dormitory.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Open my computer, got nothing to do tonight (done my report, don't feel like studying,cause tired ) . After Facebook.. check mail.. read friends' blogs.. read news and all.. then when I really got nothing to do, I opened my friendster.

Check again, I joined Friendster since April of 2004. Wow that is like more than 4 years ago d.. When I was in form 4??!!

OK,back to topic. Then I browse my Friendster, friends' profiles, pictures, cause I have no comments, no new messages, no, nothing. Feel like this account is dead. Officially dead. >.<

But not going to close the account la.. So many friends there. Some more those friends who do not use Facebook yet. Hmmm.. Then I have a look at my profile. Nothing much la.. Then, comes the part which I wanted to talk about.

TESTIMONIALS. yeah.. tesi,testi. What? not testis, it is TESTImonial. Koff.. ok. Remember this phrase? :'dude,drop me a TESTI la..'

or something like that. :P

I went さかのぼる (means go through all my old testimonials) . At first, there were all from my great friends, describing me ,my character and so on and so on. Then here comes all the attachment files, animation or cute pictures etc.

What really interest me was the early testimonials, reading them is a joy cause no one will talk bad bout you. HUH? You wanna gimme a testi and its something bad about me???!?! Don't play play la.. You think I will approve mer? lolz.. I received something like this :

-he is a cool guy
-nice to talk with


Wait, I'm not praising myself k, these are really what they wrote for me! Go check out my profile if you don't believe. Hehe..

Here comes the main point! All those reminds me of my high school life.. Everytime I online will for sure open my Friendster account,not like now only once in a while. How lucky I was! With nothing to worry about, free from money problem, stress-free , I even received testi from my tuition friends, chicks whom I don't know well(in tuition centers,Delta or ET Klang ,the beauties form SMK Raja Zarina , Convent Klang.But I couldn't get anyone from MGS) Don't know where did I get the guts to approach them and finally became friends. GOSH HOW BRAVE I WAS BACK THEN!! now just like a chicken shit wanna go talk a Japanese girl also gotta think again and again. aghhhhh.所为初生之犊不怕虎!I want my guts back!!!

Very lucky to have these friends. Some more those who dropped me the testi(compliment testi) got some cute girls also.Hoho~ now sure don't have d la. Will you go drop someone a comment in his or her profile telling everyone what kind of person do you think he or she is? NO! NEVER of course!!

Then I found something missing..hmm I feel weird cause its like got something lost . Think again, it was me myself who deleted them ,some testi from my ex-gf when I was a lil out of control after the break up.oh.. will never find them back again *.*

You guys there.. go check out your Friendster testimonials.. I bet its going to be fun! Reading back some old school stuffs ,nostalgic a bit, and think, how funny it was!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Player's License?!?!

  When I was warming up in the hall, preparing to start my tiring-basketball training this evening, suddenly the manager of basketball club came, and passed me a card. I just surprised . What is that?? She say it is basketball player's license. Then I got silence for a few seconds.. before I shouted. OOOOO! SuggeeeeeI~~~You guys have this kind of stuffs?

  Anyone who's reading this.. Are you surprised? Play basketball also need license.. wahlaoyeh~ Really speechless. =.=''' This license last for a year, till next April. When I asked my friends, they just acted normally.. >.<>

  Haha.. Here you are. Gave me a culture shock since quite long ago :P 


Met Daishi sensei last Sunday in Osaka with Wern :)
His baby is cute,and very 元気(genki)
Had lots of talks bout life in Japan and my ex-school,PPKTJ
  日本でバスケ選手免許があるって知らんかった >.<

`なんやこれ?免許?バスケやるって免許いるの?!?! すっげぇぇ。ショックゃ。。>0<〜〜`


んで、日曜に大司先生、家族とウェルンさんと会ってきた。久しぶり〜〜〜 ^^
PPKTJ の話も、日本での生活の話もいろいろ
赤ちゃんがかわいい!!元気だし。。ずっとテーブル叩いてた 笑


Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekend's here~~

  School just started for 3 days. But damn tired! Especially today.. Heavy lecture for whole day,then feel like moving the body so I went to basketball practice.. which is A BIG MISTAKE.

  Freaking tired now.. having aches all over. Sigh..legs,back..etc. By the way, it is WEEKEND. WOW! lolz.. can have a break. Then start to fight again,for another week before I have a 三連休 (3 days break) Haha yeah the Monday after next week is a public holiday-体育の日(day of Sports??) very weird huh Msia don't have it. Ask the PM to set it la since so many diabetes patients in Malaysia.. Right? I can hardly see fat guys here in Japan. My classmates all have six,8 or even 10-packs. (It's for real, especially those from Track and Field Club or Baseball Club)

  When I exchanging e-mail with Ito sensei, she told me that Daishi sensei is back in Japan during this Raya break. So I tried my luck to contact Daishi sensei, and I got him! Means I'm going to meet him this Sunday in Osaka,with Chi Wern. Plan to do some winter clothes shopping also. God please help me to get some, been to so many places still yet to get myself any. Need some jackets also.. Hope its not going to rain on Sunday.

  Thinking bout what to eat d.. Sushi buffet? Okonomiyaki.. etc etc.. haha sounds fun right? yeah indeed,go walk around in a big city, have some nice Japanese cuisine,do shopping, get to see chicks wearing super mini skirts in autumn(or winter too?). Haha!! Yeah I'm trying to show off.Got me? I am showing off..

  Want some revenge? Post or send me some ayam rendang or satay pics la.. you will have your sweet revenge then. DAMN IT I WANT AYAM RENDANG!! Sweet Japanese curry makes me wanna puke..

  Tired..sign off

Tuesday, September 30, 2008







Friday, September 26, 2008


  I'm out! Another trip again. Wahaha.. To my tutor's home. 2~3 hours from here, a place call 福知山 (Fukuchiyama) Hope it's going to be fun ^^. So glad to receive mr Funabashi's e-mail. hahaha.. Now can really enjoy d! I'm gonna have all the fun I can till the break's over. ciaozzzz

Thursday, September 25, 2008


 Don't know what's wrong with me.. Slpt at 8 something last night, now got up at 6.30 in the morning.. It is not normal for me to get up this early. Especially during holiday. Holiday is finishing in a week's time. Busy life resume after that, studies, homework etc etc..

 Shopping with Michael and Fu Xi yesterday in Tarumi Porto Bazaar (factory outlet ) was a fun one. Just chit chatting while walking around, 3 mll like a group of girls went shopping lor. Got myself a pair of jeans and a light jacket. Couldn't get any winter clothes yet. Weather is turning colder and colder. Heard that autumn is really short? Maybe in a few weeks it is going to be really cold. 

  Avril's concert last Sunday was a nice one. Not as nice as LP's concert though.. The best part was when her husband, Deryck from SUM 41 made my night. That couple sang 'In Too Deep' together , it was fun ! Japanese don't jump,shout or dance as much. They were just not passion enough. Come on guys,it is a concert! What the hell are you guys standing there without dancing, busy recording with your cellphones?? At first I was standing very near form the stage, but the crowd were not warmed up enough. Had to move myself, to a place where people came to life, jumping and putting their hands in the air. 

 It lasted only for 70 minutes. Front part was mostly love, sad songs. A bit disappointed that she didn't sing 'Nobody's home' , 'Innocence' and 'Losing grip' . But, as I said earlier 'In too deep' made my day:D

  If I'm at home now I would be surely out and get myself some nasi lemak telur goreng.. Damn it!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's for dinner?

 Had steam fish last night.. First time trying it. End up.. okok la. Haha.. I was satisfied enough with the taste. Thanks to oyster sauce, ginger, tofu , mushrooms and garlic. :) Some other friends said it was nice also. Hehe.. Mom must be so proud of me.. Cause I made it all by myself. And sis you should be ashamed. Wahaha~~if you're reading this.

 What bout tonight? Senior said whatever also can.. Curry? A bit troublesome.. Soy sauce chicken? Also quite troublesome.. Cause I don't have any meat with me now. Gotta go out and buy some more.. MA FAN!! But it's fun also .. From the moment of riding da bicycle to market till finish eating.

 Gotta learn more d.. But need the ingredients. They are not selling any spicy stuff,  any sambal or anything at all. I can't even get chili sauce in supermarket !! Gosh go McD also they only have ketchup and mustard.. 

 I miss spicy food :((((((((( Nasi lemak..Nasi briyani.. Ayam rendang.. Oh Appear in my dream tonight please??

Monday, September 22, 2008

Universal Studio Japan

  This post is a bit late.. Went to USJ last week, with 2 friends from Laos and Vietnam. Guys,can you imagine?? 3 dudes from 3 different countries went to a theme park, whole trip talking in Japanese.. weird right??!! Wahaha.. When I told Joyce her reaction was a bit weird also.. Sigh nvm bout it. We had fun, enjoyed ourself there. 

  We were in the park for 9 hours, somehow more than 5 hours we were in line waiting for ride or the show. A suggestion out there to you guys who feel like going, if there's a lot of people, just fork out another 4000 yen for the express pass k..it's going to be worth it. Entrance fee was 5800 yen, you can play everything inside the park with that one day pass.

Spiderman Ride..Nice one! Waited in the line for 70 minutes for this 4 minutes ride. >.<

Didn't have enough time to ride this.
The famous 'Back to The Future'..

Highlight of the day : The Waterworld Show
Simply fantastic

Smokes came from firearms,bombs' special effects

It is somewhere near Halloween, 
so they had the event started.
One of them, Halloween Parade

E.T ride.. You don't wanna ride it. It's for kids.

Before we left, the last show : Peterpan ,the Neverland.
With lots of fireworks , musics and you can see 1 guy in green flying here and there
  Among other interesting ones were Jurassic Park ride, Shrek 4-D and the only roller coaster- Hollywood Dream ride,the one you can see from the first picture. Don't take Jaws ride k? You will regret.. I waited for 70 minutes for that.. '%&$#%%'&')()()&

Friday, September 19, 2008


 泣くのは久しぶり。。最後は空港でなのかな。。DVDレンタル屋から借りた韓国の映画見て。。何回も泣いちゃった。さすが。。韓国人(映画監督、俳優)は人を泣かせるのが得意だよな。さらに一人で見た。。どのぐらい泣いても見られないから、涙がコントロールできずいっぱい流した。 >.<''


 悲しい映画はもう。。次はアックション!でも旧作しか見れん。。安いから ^^

 I had a great time crying this noon. LOLZ.. Not because of homesick or kena reject or what.. Just cause I spent ¥140 to rent a Korean movie then makes myself cry.. sigh..

  It is an old movie, shown in Korea in year 2004, Japan in year 2005. Don't know bout Malaysia.. Maybe you guys can find them somewhere since Korean stuffs are so popular now. hmmm.. I can say the director is smart,made the beginning part so sweet till you can melt, then totally the opposite at the ending. Yeap.. Korean movie..so expected la. Hehe.. sure sad one.

  One more week before my college restarts. More movies kua..Any suggestion?? (older ones,cause Japan is very slow in releasing movies and, older ones are cheaper :P)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday,Vincent

 I'm officially 20. Have been breathing in this world for 20 years.Hmmm.. Not a short time,but not long neither. First, I thank dear God,Jesus Christ who given me life , and my mom, who gave birth to me and family,who raised me up till who I am now. Of course,not to forget my lovely friends,dudes, and all..I am living this life not only because of myself but also because of you guys.

 I don't have much memory of my childhood days. Maybe my memory is not that good though..failed my Bio test in Form 5. Haha.. Nothing to do with it. Ermm.. well,all I can remember is the first day when we moved to the new house in Taman Sri Andalas.I was like..5 then? It was a rainy day.. With some thunder. But I could sense there were joy among my family. Cause we could finally have our own house, instead of staying with other relatives. Being looked down, insulted. 

 Other than that,my childhood memory in that house limited to football at the field nearby, cycling nearby(with 2 extra rims behind), playing guli in front of house gate,etc. The scene I remember the clearest would be the one,when I was crying and shouting lying on the floor for mom. She was having her holiday in Medan,Indonesia with her company then. Dad took the responsibility to look after all of us. I was the only one who was crying I guess? Haha..Now I'm thousands of miles away from my home. Wanna cry too!!But tears just don't roll down.

 Kindergarden.. Not much memory.But I remember I learnt the kanji '象' there. My first reaction was : Wow this is hard!!! LOLZ.. 6 years in SRJK(C) Hin Hua..Good school..Where you have tuition every afternoon after class..Free of charge, for UPSR exam... Fat boy like me was being hated by so many people. Still I didn't realize. Ahaha..I was so fat then.Joined basketball club..trained like hell every week.. End up I was a bench warmer.. Nvm..nvm..be patience..

 I had the chance to enter Hin Hua High School with scholarship but I chose to enter SMK Raja Mahadi. In order to improve my English and Malay.. That was my excuse. I'm glad I did!! Made friends with Indians and Malays for the first time .. Close friends I mean.;p Happiest moment.. Yes I love my high school. Wonder what has happened to it now? They say the green blocks has turned into rainbow color. Huh!!! Kindergarden Raja Mahadi!!??PMR and SPM come and gone..Just like that *puff* 5 years gone.

 Fell in love so many times,puppy love I mean.Haha.. But none succeeded until I was in Form 5 , 17 then. Went to so many tuitions in Form 4 and Form 5 for SPM..3 months stints in Kem Bakau , Kertih Terengganu for NS training. Surely not going to forget it..I still have the army pants with me.Hehe.. Entered PPKTJ, where my life changed. Yeah.. what a change it is. Learning new language, making friends, or talking with people from outside of Malaysia (of course Japanese lo).. and I made myself study , so hard that I was so stressed.. Now thinking back,haha.. should have relax back then la Vincent Tan!! 

 Used to have a birthday cake, on the table in the living room. Birthday song from my family members..17th birthday was a memorable one cause the next day was my dear sister's wedding.18th celebrated in Pizza Hut , behind Carrefour in Setapak with Ming Jing.(Happy belated birthday!) With a card of the size that I have never seen. 19th was having exam week... A real sad day for me cause it was some down period of me.OK No need to remember that!!OFF OFF~~  and now my first birthday in Japan. Normal..Nothing special but I received cards,wishes and calls from many of my friends. Facebook and Friendster is more than enough..I appreciate them. **muacks** THANK YOU EVERYONE

 Thanks May Ching, Joyce,Kim,Linh,Chit and Chaipet for the celebration in karaoke. :)

 One thing I must mention here. None of my family member called me!! ALAMAK gotta call home myself to tell its my birthday.Hahah.. ever seen someone this thicked face?? Me la.. Vincent Tan but I don't care la!!! My family member mah.. Note*No present when I'm back home!!

 Alone in the room,blogging and thinking back my 20 years before this.. Makes me homesick. I'm gonna become stronger. Happy birthday Vincent :)  

Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm back!From Maizuru, a very beautiful place.. Surrounded by mountain and sea :)

It was a 3 days 2 nights trip , a cultural exchange program, or something like to make us get closer, between foreign students in Kansai area -Akashi , Maizuru and Nara Kosen. Wakayama peeps missed it cause they are having their exam now.

Lazy to upload the pictures here..So just gonna talk briefly bout it.Hmmm.. Nothing much ,just that we got to make new friends, learn more stuffs and had fun, just like a holiday. Cutter ride was a great experience. Cheers to MayC and Joyce! You girls were strong.Hehehe~~

On my way back today , had to change train at Kyoto, so I just take the chance to walk around Kyoto..Not around but just the area near the station.Wow Kyoto Station has more than 30 platforms *.* ...I even got lost once.ahahha...

Walked for 15 mintues, reach a temple called 東寺(Tooji) an old temple built in 1400++.Spent an hour there.. went back to the station and accidentally entered Isetan..Yeah,you read the word 'accidentally'.

Well,I was a good boy today. Waha.. Controlled myself not to do any shopping..But I really wanna get myself 1 slim fit jeans... sobb.. Tried 2 pieces there but end up didn't buy anything.Haih feel sorry for the cute girl who served me.. They were quite expensive anyway, that's why I didn't buy.LOLZ..( but I have some feeling I will buy in Osaka or Kobe soon..)

I then entered baby and kids' section.Gosh those clothes are soooooo cute!!! Especially for girls one they were just like those dresses for dolls, with beautiful laces. Pieces you see on princess. Come on Da Jie faster make another one with Jie Fu..So that I can do more shopping,wahahha..for your daughter. Sorry Nicholas if he reads this but he won't understand anyway.So.. no problem. Cause for boys one not so cute.. Can get in Malaysia also.

Then came back.. Luckily it wasn't raining so heavily.. Weather is turning colder now.Can't wait for my first autumn and winter experience. Read online newspaper,so many things happened in my home country huh.. Hope that peace is always there,with my family,friends and fellow countryman always.

Friday, September 12, 2008

野球!阪神! Baseball ->Hanshin Tigers

  Last night,I had one of my greatest night here ( actually I had lots of great nights this summer.) I went to a baseball stadium and watched LIVE baseball match! Oh what a night it was. Most of you guys know, baseball is Japan's most famous sports. From primary school, Japanese kids have baseball practice until high school, if they don't give up from those hell-like training sessions. Just rethink about Doraemon. You can see Nobita always got bullied just because he couldn't make any hit. Easy to say,Japanese are just crazy about baseball.

  The game started at 6 but we (I went with 3 classmates , all of them are from baseball club) entered around 6.15 .The match was 阪神 vs ヤクルト (Hanshin Tigers vs Yakult , Hanshin is Osaka and Kobe area, Yakult..Yeah their sponsors the Yakult drink company,a team form Tokyo ). Of course I supported Hanshin :D

  First round , Hanshin 0-2 Yakult down. But just a few minutes after we sit down, PUFF! HOME RUN!!!! First time being able to see a home run , LIVE. And the Tigers able to score 2 points.Wasn't able to snap any pictures of it cause I was too busy enjoying the atmosphere and shouting and yelling in joy.

The atmosphere in the stadium was unbelievable

Very cool.. the hitter.My friend say baseball player easy to attract girls 
sobb..should have joined that
At round 7,they have this tradition to release these balloons into the air.
The view was just simply magnificent

  Things didn't went well for the Tigers. We were 2-4 down at the final round,round 9 . 20% of the people even went back d cause they were so disappointed (maybe some other factors like traffic , etc.) But rest of the supporters didn't give up and continued to shout and yelled to support the players. Just like that,miracle happened and we scored 3 points for a miraculous comeback, winning 5-4 at the end.

Interview of the star player of the night 矢野輝弘
  The whole stadium went nuts when they hit the winner. Star players of the night were 矢野 輝弘、今岡 誠 and 桧山 進次郎. OK just imagine..Football fans what if your favourite team were losing 0-1 and levelled the score at 89 minute,then scored another goal in stoppage time?(Did it remind you of 1999's UEFA Champions League Final??) Some more if you were watching it live at home,in  Old Trafford or Anfield or somewhere else. Basketball fans - a buzzer 3 point shot?What bout that?? Oh what a experience. Wish to go again. And I have set myself a target to watch Manchester United live someday in Old Trafford.

Go Go Tigers!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008




Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Trip 3 --> Hiroshima 広島

  I'll start with my last trip though..cause others all blog bout Hokkaido (Gane and Lai ) so I also feel lazy to blog bout it d..Cause we have almost the same pictures.Hehe..
       OK..About Hiroshima..The first city in the world to have suffered from atomic bomb.The damage..You might can't quite feel it unless you enter Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum by yourself. If it was a hydrogen-bomb,the damage could have been even worse.

       First,why did the US develop the bomb? It said in the museum that they feared that Germany had possessed of a new age bomb-atomic bomb.Bla bla bla..End up they started developing themselves.(Manhattan Project)...OK that's it.I hate history lessons.I'm sure you guys have read bout it somewhere in Form 2 or Form 3 History lessons.

       8:15 am , August 6 1945.(Charlene, realise it is your bday? ) The bomb was detonated at 600m above the city center. Heat rays and blast burned and clashed nearly all buildings within 2km of the hypocenter, took away approximately 140,000 lives.   

原爆ドーム Hiroshima peace memorial
What if it happen to KLCC huh..

Albert Einstein ,the famous scientist. Can we said he was the cause of this?
I used to respect him very much. That has changed since I visited Hiroshima.

The exact time when the bomb detonated.
In front of Peace Memorial Park.Where they have prayers every year.
The small stone under there writes 'rest in peace'

Scientists say that the dark shadow on the stair shows that someone was sitting there.
All that left was the shadows.(in front of a bank)
This bricks were donated by 三井銀行 if I'm not mistaken.

The Black Rain,30 minutes after the bomb detonated due to the dusts.
Sound like a movie or anime huh?
  There were lots of other items,for example nails and hairs(real ones),uniforms,bricks, and 弁当(food)-rice in black color.Didn't take those pictures,cause was a lil bit too scary.

  Second day, I took an hour of 市電(city train?street car?on the road one),they name it 広電(Hiroden) to 宮島(Miyajima) ,a world heritage site.It is famous for its temple,a temple on the sea-海の上の神社. Low tide at daytime,but I wish to see high tide as well..

This thing is huge
Love this,very yeng
The whole temple will look like on the sea at night time.

My best shots


 Hiroshima's deepest wish : elimination of all nuclear weapons and the realization of a genuinely peaceful international community. Totally agree with that. I learned something really important through this visit.