Monday, October 27, 2008

Jamuan Raya

Suba, first wanna say sorry first cause I don't think I'm going to do your tag.. its too long la wei!! Better for me to show you some pics or update you bout me right? lolz~ lame excuse.

Met some old friends, from PPKTJ in Kobe on Saturday for jamuan raya, kansai version. Chimax and Bil came all da way from Kochi, while Arif/lif x2 from Maizuru came too.. Of course,dudes from Nara (Wern and Adam) came too.What a sacrifice!! Lolz..tu la semangat hari raya kan?! Ops almost forgot to mention Taufik from Wakayama. Alan and Gane.. WHY DIDN'T COME??!!

It was good, meeting old friends, talk bout our lives in Japan and lives back in PPKTJ nostalgically. Highlights of the day were the FOOD of course. Hehe.. and we had the red color drink I can't even remember the name d..sirap or bandung or sth? kaolat liao like this.. I need someone to speak with me in BM more (the same goes to mandarin and english). Next, Lepak-ing around in Kobe.One of my most favourite place in Japan. It was just..great! Came back with last train home. Tiring~

Just a simple gathering, waited for an hour before it started (biasala org msia kn?) But the President didn't give much talk , just say sila menjamu selera. wowohoo~~ how nice was he. The first thing that gone empty was ayam rendang i think.. we had ketupat, nasi biru(kerabu?) kua sate,kuih raya..etc etc. so nice :D

You going to laugh like crazy when you are with this geng cause their jokes are so 'padu'-a new word I learnt and we crapped nothing for the whole day? Even laughed till my stomach cramped twice. =.=''. Went Kobe Port, sat by the port enjoying the not-cold not-hot weather while looking at the amazing nightview. :)

Adam's missing.
The food that I dreamt about every night..
Gonna dream bout it again tonight!

 Have a Akashi kosen pics also (including Michael the OB) but Kim was missing. See them in Joyce's blog k?

Monday morning... It's Deepavali back home. Fire crackers must be exploding themselves here and there , polluting the air now huh ? Is my nephew baby Nicholas sleeping tight there? Hope he does~ Oh~~No festive feelings here at all.

HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO ARE CELEBRATING! Especially to Gane and Suba too..Hope it's not going to be a too-bad first-diwali experience in Japan for you guys. かんぱい!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I don't blog everyday,not a daily blogger. Only when the 'feeling' is there, then I'll come online and create a post.

I have turned my computer off, 2 hours back, preparing to go to bed soon. It is 1.21 am now. Still the feeling is here, telling me to turn on my notebook again and write this post.

Sunday night, or Monday morning. It's getting worse. I can't stand my loneliness. Being thousand miles away from home. Turned to my handphone, trying to find someone to sms with. Nobody. My Hotmail Inbox, no new e-mails. Facebook, Friendster, no new messages. Fine. Get down to have a walk outside, it's quiet. No one's around , and its cold outside.

Got myself back into my room. Yeah.. I have it. it's MY book. Specially written to me. Published by Mahadians 05' grads.

Me first time reading it when I was on da plane, above the Pacific Ocean. Then when I was free I would open and read it.

It's the first time I'm reading it out of desperation. From the first page till the very last page took me more than usual time. I make sure I did not miss any single word, or letter that's written in it. My beloved friends worked on it till the late hours at the night before my flight to Japan, on 27 of March this year. Wai Kuan's letter to me was written at 12.48 am, 27th of March. You guys were really rushing weren't you?

The encouragement words.. the pictures.. the description on me, the stories from our past. Words can't explain my feelings right now. You guys helped me.. When I'm tumbled. Thank you.

I'm alive again, the aggravation is gone. In a flamboyant mood I'm welcoming tomorrow's classes!

Love you all

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Go Fucking Burn in Hell !

My 60th blog.A hot-tempered one.

Someone stole my bicycle 2 days ago(from my dorm) and I found it just out of the school compound yesterday.
After stealing it, use it kao kao still dare to return it to me?!
The worst part is, the tyre is punctured.

No matter who you are,I wish you go Fucking die,and get fucking burning in hell.
You know how much does it cost to repair it? It is RM2~3 in Msia but it is around ¥1000 in Japan, that's around RM34.

I'm going to get you killed if I know who you are. I'm pretty sure he's someone from my dormitory.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Open my computer, got nothing to do tonight (done my report, don't feel like studying,cause tired ) . After Facebook.. check mail.. read friends' blogs.. read news and all.. then when I really got nothing to do, I opened my friendster.

Check again, I joined Friendster since April of 2004. Wow that is like more than 4 years ago d.. When I was in form 4??!!

OK,back to topic. Then I browse my Friendster, friends' profiles, pictures, cause I have no comments, no new messages, no, nothing. Feel like this account is dead. Officially dead. >.<

But not going to close the account la.. So many friends there. Some more those friends who do not use Facebook yet. Hmmm.. Then I have a look at my profile. Nothing much la.. Then, comes the part which I wanted to talk about.

TESTIMONIALS. yeah.. tesi,testi. What? not testis, it is TESTImonial. Koff.. ok. Remember this phrase? :'dude,drop me a TESTI la..'

or something like that. :P

I went さかのぼる (means go through all my old testimonials) . At first, there were all from my great friends, describing me ,my character and so on and so on. Then here comes all the attachment files, animation or cute pictures etc.

What really interest me was the early testimonials, reading them is a joy cause no one will talk bad bout you. HUH? You wanna gimme a testi and its something bad about me???!?! Don't play play la.. You think I will approve mer? lolz.. I received something like this :

-he is a cool guy
-nice to talk with


Wait, I'm not praising myself k, these are really what they wrote for me! Go check out my profile if you don't believe. Hehe..

Here comes the main point! All those reminds me of my high school life.. Everytime I online will for sure open my Friendster account,not like now only once in a while. How lucky I was! With nothing to worry about, free from money problem, stress-free , I even received testi from my tuition friends, chicks whom I don't know well(in tuition centers,Delta or ET Klang ,the beauties form SMK Raja Zarina , Convent Klang.But I couldn't get anyone from MGS) Don't know where did I get the guts to approach them and finally became friends. GOSH HOW BRAVE I WAS BACK THEN!! now just like a chicken shit wanna go talk a Japanese girl also gotta think again and again. aghhhhh.所为初生之犊不怕虎!I want my guts back!!!

Very lucky to have these friends. Some more those who dropped me the testi(compliment testi) got some cute girls also.Hoho~ now sure don't have d la. Will you go drop someone a comment in his or her profile telling everyone what kind of person do you think he or she is? NO! NEVER of course!!

Then I found something missing..hmm I feel weird cause its like got something lost . Think again, it was me myself who deleted them ,some testi from my ex-gf when I was a lil out of control after the break up.oh.. will never find them back again *.*

You guys there.. go check out your Friendster testimonials.. I bet its going to be fun! Reading back some old school stuffs ,nostalgic a bit, and think, how funny it was!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Player's License?!?!

  When I was warming up in the hall, preparing to start my tiring-basketball training this evening, suddenly the manager of basketball club came, and passed me a card. I just surprised . What is that?? She say it is basketball player's license. Then I got silence for a few seconds.. before I shouted. OOOOO! SuggeeeeeI~~~You guys have this kind of stuffs?

  Anyone who's reading this.. Are you surprised? Play basketball also need license.. wahlaoyeh~ Really speechless. =.=''' This license last for a year, till next April. When I asked my friends, they just acted normally.. >.<>

  Haha.. Here you are. Gave me a culture shock since quite long ago :P 


Met Daishi sensei last Sunday in Osaka with Wern :)
His baby is cute,and very 元気(genki)
Had lots of talks bout life in Japan and my ex-school,PPKTJ
  日本でバスケ選手免許があるって知らんかった >.<

`なんやこれ?免許?バスケやるって免許いるの?!?! すっげぇぇ。ショックゃ。。>0<〜〜`


んで、日曜に大司先生、家族とウェルンさんと会ってきた。久しぶり〜〜〜 ^^
PPKTJ の話も、日本での生活の話もいろいろ
赤ちゃんがかわいい!!元気だし。。ずっとテーブル叩いてた 笑


Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekend's here~~

  School just started for 3 days. But damn tired! Especially today.. Heavy lecture for whole day,then feel like moving the body so I went to basketball practice.. which is A BIG MISTAKE.

  Freaking tired now.. having aches all over. Sigh..legs,back..etc. By the way, it is WEEKEND. WOW! lolz.. can have a break. Then start to fight again,for another week before I have a 三連休 (3 days break) Haha yeah the Monday after next week is a public holiday-体育の日(day of Sports??) very weird huh Msia don't have it. Ask the PM to set it la since so many diabetes patients in Malaysia.. Right? I can hardly see fat guys here in Japan. My classmates all have six,8 or even 10-packs. (It's for real, especially those from Track and Field Club or Baseball Club)

  When I exchanging e-mail with Ito sensei, she told me that Daishi sensei is back in Japan during this Raya break. So I tried my luck to contact Daishi sensei, and I got him! Means I'm going to meet him this Sunday in Osaka,with Chi Wern. Plan to do some winter clothes shopping also. God please help me to get some, been to so many places still yet to get myself any. Need some jackets also.. Hope its not going to rain on Sunday.

  Thinking bout what to eat d.. Sushi buffet? Okonomiyaki.. etc etc.. haha sounds fun right? yeah indeed,go walk around in a big city, have some nice Japanese cuisine,do shopping, get to see chicks wearing super mini skirts in autumn(or winter too?). Haha!! Yeah I'm trying to show off.Got me? I am showing off..

  Want some revenge? Post or send me some ayam rendang or satay pics la.. you will have your sweet revenge then. DAMN IT I WANT AYAM RENDANG!! Sweet Japanese curry makes me wanna puke..

  Tired..sign off