Monday, August 10, 2009


LP fans, for sure you know this song.

Forgive me, I wanted to enjoy myself to the fullest so I didn't record any longer.(It was illegal by the way) It was the greatest day of the year for me. Rocked the whole day from 12 in the noon till night at 930. About The Ting Tings, I gotta take back what I said in my previous post. They rock!!!

Another highlight of the day was, the special guest of Linkin Park.NOPE, not Jay-Z but it was Dead By Sunrise, Chester's side project .Nearly 90 mins of show from LP and Dead By Sunrise.What can I ask for more?

Friday, August 7, 2009

From A to C.. to S!.. to SS!!!!

Just had another shock today, knowing a calculation mistake( + and -) cost me from an A , to C for one subject.


Doink!!! Doink Doink!!!!

OK. Fine. It's not the first time anyway. And have got used to this kind of situation, so I don't really feel unhappy about it. The most important thing is, Finals is over. TGI!!! Thank God it's Friday. =)) In super duper good mood now. Because what bothering me now is S!!

Have a good guess ladies and gentlemen. S stands for?


It's pretty late already, other people started their summer holiday in mid-July but certain colleges or universities in here have their holiday pretty late. My college is the latter one.

Apart from SUMMER , I am in total SS mode now.

Shock sendiri? Huh? Yes yes I'm a Malaysian. But.. hmm..
NO! NO! No mood for that now. My hair is long and messy. Mustache unshaved, my room with clothes, papers , mug , water bottles and books scattered on the floor, laundry has yet to be done.. etc. One word: Messed!

What I mean is SUMMERSONIC!!!!!!!!

Got this shirt from Yaho!JP Auction last month-second handed. Gonna wear it this Sunday to a music festival- summersonic. Wanna check out the timetable? Click the link,look on your left , click the last one - 大阪8.9 SUN . That's the show that I'm going to.

Basically I'll be spending the whole day at Ocean Stage, rocking with The All American Rejects at 14:00, Hoobastank at 16:30 and LINKIN PARK at 19:45. Maybe will have a change of taste in between to watch The Ting Tings.

Wait, Ting Tings? Ting Tongs!??! I repeat, it's LINKIN PARK. LP is the main act of the day, FOR SURE 200%!! Been dreaming bout it since 15 October 2003. Oh I remember that date better than my own birthday maybe. Ooops... It was a Wednesday, right, TS?

Repeat again, LINKIN PARK!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm so freaking excited now. ヤバイ。。テンション高すぎ。。

By the way, it is a 3-day festival. Paramore and MCR will be at the same place tomorrow but.. but... Money and time is the problem. *.* . I so wanna sing Misery Business with Hayley . SObb.. Have to give up the hope cause need to pass up a report on Monday.

1 day late, but better than never! :

Happy Birthday ,
Charlene Goh Hsien Min!

At least I text you k?! Hope you had a great one. Like everyone else did, I'll post a picture ^.^

I think this post is pretty colorful. HAH!