Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Random Thought

 Hihi.. Long time no crap d. 1 week?? Huhu.. Cause nothing to crap actually. I'm having my exam week, ends next wednesday. But Friday got one more Japanese test. *.* Spoil my mood only. Ishhh... Then.. Spring break!!

 Really nothing much. It's going to be a waste of time if you continue reading this.. So.. I really don't know what to write la. Just wanna spend some time, escape from my books. It's not a sweet escape.. Cause I know I can't escape in the end. WTF?? What am I crapping.. Really crap..

 Okok.. Something interesting.. hmm.. Actually not very interesting also cause its like 3rd time d me experiencing it --->  Earthquake happened on Thursday morning. I think it was around 6 in the morning.Strong enough to wake me up, but when I got up, I ignored and slept again. zZzzZ.. Thank god I'm still alive ^^. If it was a strong one maybe I'm dead d now, writing this post from heaven xD . But it wouldn't be pain right? Cause I was sleeping.. compare to die of sickness, operation, accident, drown, fire , etc..

 Talk bout death.. Coldplay's Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends is a nice album ;p. Hmmm...OK nothing to do with what I wanna talk later but their concert was realllllly nice ^^!!!

 NOW! Serious talk. What do you guys think bout those idiot bad evil criminals who killed, rape ,did  matricide, cannibalize , homicide, manslaughter .. shoot, cut, kill people for no reason and all those sick stuffs that you can see in news everyday? What if they were caught. And are found guilty.. For sure they should be punished. But, how? 

 Death sentence. At first, me too agreed with it. These people shouldn't be left in the world anymore. Let them disappear from the earth's surface would be great. They took people's life, so theirs should be taken away too. BUT, isn't this too good for them? or we say in Chinese 便宜了他. Just get away from it? Everything is over once his head is on the floor.But as for the victim's family and friends, would they feel satisfied? Can we say it is a waste of bullet? 

 Second option ---> life prison. Even though it's gonna be a waste of money to feed people like this in a prison, I'd prefer this. Why? Because let him stay in a cage, providing him the worst food on earth, once a day would be enough. Let him feel like dying but cannot die(make sure he can't kill himself). Let him regret of doing what he had done that caused him a life in prison. Until he is at the age of dying like 80's or 90's , we let him out of the prison. By that time, he can't do anything can he? With that age. For example, imagine if you entered a prison in 1950. Then when you came out, it is 2000. From steam cars and black & white tv, you see bullet train and flat screen tv. When you were behind the bars for 50 years, you knew nothing bout new technologies or how the earth is spinning. Now that you are out, you're just a piece of rubbish than can't be used in the society because you can't anything, or do anything to serve the community. No job,no family,nothing. Thus you will be looked down, or being ignored. You could have been a boss in prison cause you are big senior there after 50 years but now? Your exist is just like another tree along the road. Or you can't even give better service than a tree by providing clean oxygen.

 Wow.. I sound cruel huh. Even though it is right to forgive and forget.. Anyway this was just my way of thinking for the time being. It might change in the coming future. What do you think bout this? Do lemme know bout it =)

Friday, February 13, 2009









* 我先是喜欢樱花。然后陷入了红叶的陷阱

Monday, February 9, 2009


  Actually.. What do you guys think bout students who are studying overseas? Especially for us who are scholars.. Maybe you might think :

They all sure bookworm one la.. Everyday facebook only.. 
No life.. 

Love books

Love studying

Study study and study only lor.. 

Exam exam exam...


 OK! Fine.. Maybe part of them are correct. But today wanna show you guys what do I do in my college other than studying ^^

 First, I'm from the department of Mechanical Engineering in my college. So, we do have some 'activities' too other than studying all that physics,maths, strength of materials, etc etc. We have this subject call 実習 (practical work) , where we'll have twice a month, 3 hours each. We do it in a factory, specially for Mech. Eng department. 

Inside the factory, you can see machines like this :

(wire electron discharge machining) 
It's like 7 million yen if I'm not mistaken 
(Yaya my college very rich)

Sato-kun with his work, 旋盤 lathe
5 million yen each. We have 8 in the factory = 40 million $.$

CAD/CAM, computer aided design and manufacturing
We did the 2.5 dimension this year.
Very troublesome. I don't like it.
My good sensei , 大西先生
Been giving me private lesson for a year d. 
Veryyyy nice =)
He said will treat me after the end of 3rd year ^^
 Other than that , we too have フライス盤(milling machine), ボール盤(drilling machine), 鋳造(casting), 溶接(welding)- my favorite, and some others which I have yet to learn. The only thing I don't like was d factory uniform which cost me 9000 yen, RM 360. I can buy a new winter jacket d..

 I'm pretty sure my fellow friends in any kosen in Japan no matter you're in chemical eng department, civil, or any other sure have lotsa practical works like this too. So, it's not all about facing the books only. Experiments, measurement outside the class, design competitions... and so on. 

 I once thought when I got into PPKTJ. Why can't I straight go into a university in Japan like AAJ students? Well, come to think of it, it might be another blessing in disguise. YEAH, it's da right choice to choose bidang diploma kejuruteraan Jepun . hehe..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009



  OK. Some update. Hmmm.. Went for a ski trip last weekend, or shall I say a snowboard trip. Most of use played snowboard, while some dude chose to ski. Hmmm.. Not bad la. Quite fun. But the first day I wasn't really in the mood. So.. A waste maybe? The sky was crying with me too.. Haha. Ended up the snow were hard like stone, and was very very very slippery = pain in the ass, hands, legs ,waist, fingers, nails, head, eye, face, neck, hair.... and so on. IT WAS REAL PAIN for a beginner like me. Falling over and over again. And I looked damn stupid when i fell. Hope my sensei didn't snap any pics of me falling. 

Me with Odkhuu, from Mongol.

Group pic.

Kak Joyce ^^

 It was a very beautiful place. And the bodoh I only got to know it on da second day. Cause second day my mood was much better. Bodoh right. 

 Thanks a lot to my college. Let me experienced my first big snow, first snow fight, first snowman, first snowboard, etc etc.. I wanna go again next year ^^ . Finally know how to snowboard a bit on the second day, or shall I say on the second day I got to know how to fall, so that it won't be that pain. I can't afford to fall too hard again cause my buttocks don't have much fats to cushion the impact. It really felt like 'buntut nak pecah ke 2 belah' when it hit the ground.

 Other than that.. Nothing much. Exam is coming, am gonna get stress again. It's final.. Then I'll be entering 4th year. Keep reminding myself that once it is over I can fly to Aussie and meet my mummy d.. Please God make it fast. But in the meantime gimme me enough time to prepare for exam please.. 矛盾ですね 〜 ホホホ

 Oh, and then.. Learnt something very meaningful. Here you go :

-A dream is just a dream until it realizes. (from someone's blog) : I have so many dreams right now. And I always dream bout it in class, when I'm showering, when I'm eating, anytime. Gotta work hard so that these dreams  realize. They are just dreams now, so it is meaningless,nothing. I gotta make them real.

-When you put your heart and soul into doing something, or preparing something for someone, a simple thankew or an angel like smile is the best thing that you can receive. Instantly, you feel how wonderful is this world , and , the effort will become easy work when you think back ;p .It feels even better if that person likes it.

-It's good to be sad, even with reason or without a reason. For once in a while, shows that you have emotions, you're still a human!

 And ah... I sold my Fall Out Boy tickets to someone else. =( cause don't wanna force Wern to go with me. He wanna go 打ち上げ with the new friends he made. Now.. I can only look forward to COLDPLAY's concert next weekend. 
 And last, Exam is coming. Go to study!