Friday, October 16, 2009


It's the middle of the month.. So I think it might be the best to wish the people around happy birthday?

I'm very surprised by the fact that I have lots of good good damn good friends who have their birthdays in October.

Before my friends, let's start with my family - my brother PETER TAN : 11th October. Same day with my best mate since high school, CTS aka EDDY CHONG. Maybe 2nd brother?

Then CTS intro this NOOBIE LIM to me, who was born on 16th October 21 years ago.

My life had a huge turn as I was offered by JPA to study in Japan. In the Japanese Language Preparation Center , PPKTJ , I shared the same room with this incredibly funny + nice dude name LOO CHI WERN , a Penang guy for 2 years. (Born on 7th October 1988).

Finally I'm here in Japan and I have been receiving many helps from this super cute + good senior name JOYCE CHAN WAN TEE. It was her birthday 3 days ago (13th October,age kept secret. HAH!). I do feel sad that you are going to leave for uni duh ...!! Your cold, get well soon!

My life is good because of you all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
(pictures' color a bit weird. Blame the software)