Saturday, November 29, 2008

R.I.P my dear adidas ~

  My cellphone has not rang in the past 2 weeks. Maybe it did once or twice which I can't remember.. My dear PPKTJ mates, are you facing this too in Japan? Or am I the only one? Got so despo today that I holding this pink little thing in my hand and said : can you please ring?or make some noise? Other than the morning alarm noise. Sigh so kolian la!! 

  Exam starts Monday. My third one here, so I'm not really nervous this time and am taking it slowly , without putting much pressure on myself. Just tell myself that I'll try my best, that's it. Remembering my first 2 exams.. There were quite terrible. Hmmm.. Now I can even blog even though it is in 48 hours' time. hehe ^^

  Oh yeah , my sneaker. Tak sampai setahun pun.. dah nak buang da. bukannya i kaya, tapi mmg dah tk blh pakai dah..
  Which means.. SHOPPING after exam.Muahaha~~~

Sunday, November 16, 2008



中間試験が近づいてきて、来週三連休なんで人ごみがいっぱいに決まってるから、昨日京都へ行くことにした。天気予報が土曜日雨が降るって放送されたが、昨日一日中一滴の雨も降らんかった。ホーストファミリー、オレとルーさんもいっぱい徳行してきたからかなぁ。。(笑)> ホーストファミリーのお母さんによる言葉。

ホーストファミリーのおかげで、いろんなところを回わってきた。京都国立博物館、三十三間堂の千手観音、風神雷神、清水寺、お煎茶体験、京都永観堂の紅葉狩り。。日本で初めて渋滞も体験した!名神高速道路で京都から大阪まで2時間もかかった。。> めったにないことでしょ。観光地で高校のセーラー服着てる高校生もいっぱいおった。声かける勇気がなかったけど ><

教科書の写真と肉眼で見たのは全然違う。。雲泥の差ゃ!清水寺でも人がたくさんいて、あの有名な音羽の滝の清水、三つも飲みたかったんけど、結局『勉強』のを飲んでしまった。試験が近づいてきたからね。。お父さんが三つも飲んだらおなか壊す。。って *.*



永観堂 - the famous spot for red leaves

清水寺 - Kiyomizu temple
左から:縁/結婚 ,健康 ,勉強
It is said that you can drink only one of this 3 to improve your
from left : love, health,studies

Had this thing in Kyoto national museum. Great experience.
The Japanese kept saying delicious delicious but I felt the tea was a bit salty.
Not so for me :(
Tak und Japanese culture lagi kut
Geisha,but I think these are fake ones. Where can get to see so easily one?!
Another temple

Kyoto! What a beautiful place it is. Hehe... Had a nice trip to Kyoto with my host parents plus Wern yesterday. From morning till night. Tired walking around here and there but it was worth it! Especially since it is the red leaves season and I was able to visit Kiyomizu Temple , the famous temple.

Prefer these red leaves more than sakura Heee~~

Friday, November 14, 2008

Don't Think That We Are Very Relax!

 I know Monbusho scholar students (from Japanese government) can't get your scholarship extended when you enter university if you score below 80 percent in EACH and EVERY SINGLE subject while we, as Malaysian government sponsored students can as long as we pass the university entrance exam.

 But don't talk in class as if I am not working hard, or any of my other friends do not work hard to do well in studies! Yes we are lucky, but we are not fooling around here! We too work hard and among the friends that I know, none of us are aiming just to pass any entrance exam and enter a university for the sake of receiving our government's scholarship. 

 You guys are hardworking, and its far more challenging,I admit. BUT don't talk as if I'm relaxing 24 hours and having an easy life

Saturday, November 8, 2008

高専祭 Akashi College Festival

  ANCT Fest, the call it. Heard from my friend, that almost all high schools, colleges and universities in Japan have this thing, something like our canteen day. BUT, this thing that we are having in National Colleges are a lil bit more grand than those in normal high schools.

 I could see how well they organization an event, their crew member worked very hard, preparing days and months just for this event. *respect* . It went very smoothly and I didn't see any problem occurred. It was just so systematic! *salutes again*

 As foreign students, we set up our very own store selling South East Asian style food, our menu consist of murtabak, kaopun(will intro it later), Mongol tea and chrysanthemum tea. It was fun cooking, shouting and selling but at the end of the day it was freaking tired. Just collapsed and went into dreamland straight after first day's event ended. Another bad thing bout this is, the number of foreign students are limited thus all of us worked 'overtime' without much time to rest, go walk around and have fun like other students. *sigh*
 But we made lots of money. Hehe~~ *evil smile*

 Most of them who ate it said delicious. Don't know can believe or not.. Cause they will never talk bad bout you in front of you! My classmate who sat behind me came on the first day and second day to buy murtabak tiruan. hehe~ But on second day he said I should have put more curry powder in it >< . Then till the final sale I threw in the curry powder like tak payah kos(just like wanna turn something from sweet to sour - >to turn chocolate into plum??!!)

Entrance : the huge X thing was made by
 students from the 3rd year architecture students
Our crew! Special thanks to Kitano, Kim's tutor for the help.
Kaopun, a very delicious dish from Laos.
The preparation work was like...
Worked till late night, got up in early morning to prepare it.
Guess who's this cute lil hand's owner.
hehe I finished this bowl all by MYSELF.
While this murtabak (tiruan version) was a bit easier 
But rushed a lot when doing it

Highlights of the day : 女装コンテスト
my cute juniors from basketball
Among this 3 persons, one of them was a teacher!
salutes again. hehe.. Imagine Mr. XXX from PPKTJ doing this back in Msia.
I'm not going to name it out. hoho~

All the foreign students. Special thanks to Chin Leong and Lao Da who came here , didn't get to have fun but need to help us pulak~


Thursday, November 6, 2008

All the best!

 Yes you can.. believe it! Just try your best. Believe in yourself. I believe in you too. ^^

 My SPM was a bad experience for me. Haha.. You know why. It's not going to happen to you,so just stay calm and go for it! Pressure sure got, but it comes from yourself kua.. I guess? right??!! right??!!

 Good luck!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Four Seasons

Four scene of love and laughter

I’ll be alright being alone

Four scene of love and laughter

I’ll be alright being alone

Four scene of love and laughter

I’ll be alright being alone

Four scene of love and laughter

I’ll be ok

春の光 集めたら 花咲かせて

夏は月浮かぶ海で みつめて

秋の風 冬の雪も その吐息で 暖めて欲しい

four seasons with your love 

  Parts of the lyric from 安室奈美恵's Four Seasons. Though I have yet to experience the real winter, I can say I'm just lovin' it.. 4 seasons! Spring > Summer > Autumn (now) > Winter (to come).

  Thank God for bringing me here.. I'm enjoying myself to the max. Can wear scarf, jackets,snow cap etc and make myself look great without feeling hot.LOL..Yeah I'll be alright being alone..'Four scene of love and laughter,I'll be ok '  :)