Thursday, April 30, 2009


  Took a 15 minutes train ride to the east to Kakogawa to see Kakogawa Philharmonic Concert. It wasn't bad, even though they were not pro . Got encore some more ;P It was fun meeting new people and the most important part, I spoke lotsa English today ! xD

  Among the best part were 崖の上のポニョー,and the last song was a song from the film Pirates of the Caribbean. Actually this event was invited by Katie in Facebook weeks ago but just decided to go last night. Glad that I made it. 

  That's it, my one-day-holiday. The rest of the day was spent on facing the computer, doing online-window- shopping etc. Tomorrow got experiment, huhu~ another report. がんばろう〜

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey guys~

  Hey guys.. Long time no see. Have NOT been busy, but just lazy to blog. Nothing much happened, in fact I don't know what to post recently. Life in Japan has entered second year, and compare to last year, I am more relax now cause have got used to the lectures and school works ^^. Next exam comes in early June, hopefully everything will be alright till then. 

  MayC invited people around Kansai to her house warming party yesterday in Kyoto. People from Akashi, Kobe,Osaka,Kyoto, and even Suzuka and Toyohashi! The eating, talking and laughing moments were fantastic. See you guys again in summer? winter or next CNY :D

And yeah, I'm not going to Tokyo for the Golden Week holiday Malaysian Chinese gathering. Too far la.. People around Kansai got any plan?

  Everything has been perfectly good recently. But still don't have the cute 'kawaii' Japanese girl as my girlfriend, so next time when you find me in MSN or Facebook NO NEED to ask me : 

"Hey Vince have you found a kawaiiiiii Japanese chick as your gf? " 

Other than that, everything is too good, too comfy. I'm doing really , really great here ,and this good feeling makes me wanna go home. Home oh home~ The 'wanna go home' feeling is quite strong recently. hmmm..

Saturday, April 11, 2009


どうもみなさん〜お久しぶりです。お元気ですか? .w.

学校また始まって、新鮮なことないし。。(カワイイ新入生/編入生もおらへんし。。つまんね〜〜〜というか新入生若すぎるよね、一年生は16さい .w.)

まああ今日の晩飯の後ずっっっとテレビ見とって、面白いことが出ました ^^


なんでな、女は彼氏と別れる(振る、振られるにも関わらず)際に(「度に」って言ってもすぎないだろう 笑)必ず次の言葉が口から出る ーーーーーーー>アンタが変わった


オレは経験が一回しかなかったねんけど、でもまさにその一回にあいつ(元カノ)からあの島田さんの名言が出ました  .w.





OKIE~ For my mate TS and Robbie. haha

 Just a brief translation from the passage above. It goes like this :

 That day, I got nothing to do so I ended up sitting in front of the TV for 3 hours .. watching funny Japanese TV show. They have lotsa subtitles came out so I could understand most of them. Then came this interesting part. A guy name Shinsuke Shimada, a famous TV entertainer, famous cause of how well he can talk made this comment :

  WHY is it that a girl/lady would say "you have changed/你变了" 
whenever a relationship is breaking down? 
(No matter she is the one who wants the break up or not)

 The first thing came into my mind was *ding dong* I heard that before =.=""" 
 Yeah I had only 1 putus cinta experience and I heard that phrase. Fuh~ Rupa-rupanya org Jepun pun sama. Mungkin semua insan sama kut? Lol. I couldn't stop laughing listening to his talks , even now when I'm typing this also I feel like laughing out loud.

 Then he said this 

What? I have changed? Isn't it the way you look at me, or the way you want/accept me 
have changed?!

  I couldn't agree more with what he said. Haha.. 
  Can a person change that easily? Maybe both have changed, or the love isn't there anymore. 

  Ladies and gentlemen , I'm not saying who's right and who's wrong, cause I believe everyone has their own opinions. Just that I enjoyed watching that show =]

 But I wanna know , my girl readers, have you said that to your ex before??   x.x