Friday, April 29, 2011


My life as a student has left just 2 years, less than 2 years. ( If I do not repeat a year or continue doing Masters program) . This left me thinking , am I ready to enter the working life? No doubt I am an adult now, becoming 23 this year. There's another road I can choose on continue studying, but the burning desire to gain knowledge is long lost within me now. The reason is : Just to avoid working life, enjoy student life which has nearly 3 months break every year.

Nothing is decided on the future yet. Hope God can guide me to my best. But one thing is for sure, I will not have the time in my last year as a university student to have fun or travel around because of research and thesis works. Therefore thoughts of going travel popped-up in my mind weeks ago, to travel around whenever I have the chances. Drying up my savings doesn't matter anymore cause I believe it can be earned back later. Traveling as a student at youth is totally different from traveling as an old man. Experiencing stay in hosts at 0\ , is something I can do now but not when I'm 40 and above. ( Then I would like to stay in a luxury hotel when I travel ;p )

Therefore, the first place that I wanna go in this limited short break is a very very random plan, decided just weeks ago, my second visit to Korea. Nothing is planned, no idea on where to go and what to do, want to make it like an adventure. Found some nice enough people to let me sleep on their couches ( I do not even want to spend my money on cheap backpacker hostels! ) . Don't know what is ahead for me, as people say no plan is a plan!

I'm leaving tomorrow, everyone ( in Japan ) have a wonderful Golden Week holiday!!