Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My country

I'm at a place 6 hours flight from my home,Malaysia. With the internet, technology, all kind of new programs and sites that everyone can use now as long as you have a computer and internet connection, I feel like Malaysia is not that far from me.

Sadly , we don't use the benefits of internet for good stuffs. In fact, people are spreading words, videos, notes that could only make the racism problem in my beloved country to get worse. It was Merdeka yesterday. I miss celebrating it with my friends back in Malaysia, thanks to the good time I had when I was in SMRM marching band in my high school days.At the same time, I saw at least 10 posts on Facebook in the span of 2 days , spreading the news of bad things that are happening in Malaysia. People see what someone's post, and they forward. As they forward it they too ask people around to forward them too.

What I do not understand is, is there a need to tell everyone around you about the bad things that are happening? By spreading them and posting them on your profile, you're making people to hate each other more. Why don't we spread love instead? Crimes, racial issues and fights, unfairness of a country's policy..etc. I'm 22 this year, and I don't have the memory of such chaos in my country before. I shall call this one of the biggest detriment of the internet.

Finally, I'm here to ask for all my fellow friends and Malaysians who read this : Please stop posting videos or notes that could make the racial issue in our country getting worse. I love all the funny and meaningful videos that you share.I could only feel sad , other than sad when I see those posts condemning other races online. Because I have many friends from other races and there are all my true, good friends.

I'm a day late, but Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians.


My third summer in Japan. Don't know when it started, and its like coming to an end soon cause it's not that hot anymore. Fall might come before I could even realize.Have been studying for the past 6 month . Well, at least they are all over, for now. Results are not out yet, though. And I can have the break that I have been yearning for.

After the final university entrance exam in Tokyo, stayed for another 5 days in Tokyo in senior's house, went to an awesome trip in Chiba Prefecture. YES! To the beach! With my good seniors, they rent a car and fetch me and some new friends around. Gotta know a few new awesome friends, Malaysians and China people. Other than that I spent most of the time walking around Tokyo, among them Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku..blah blah blah. Shopping, of course I did. ;p Bought something for my baby Nicholas too =)

One interesting place in Tokyo - Akihabara. Entered maid cafe for the first with another 2 of my classmates, and these are our cute pictures =)

Some pictures from the trip to Chiba

I feel good. Really good. Another month's rest, and for the final 6 months in technical college, hope it will be an unforgettable one. =)