Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hey guys.. I'm still alive ;p

Japan just lost their match an hour ago. Well both teams didn't do well enough to win duh. oooo.. sad together with my friends. 悔しい!!!!! From now I got no team to support. So.. staahdee la.

Gugu miss you so much baby Nicky. and I miss the ohr mee in front of you also. awhhh.. I guess it's still miso soup and rice+some don't know what stuff tomorrow. By the way my maggie stock is finishing.. Anyone going to send me ?

Oh yeah dahjie hope you and your baby will have a good time in Aussie . My next post don't know will be when d. Don't expect much. Friends in Klang, all the best in everything! And 同期の受験生達、がんばろう!