Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yesterday, went to Kobe and met an old friend came alllllll the way from Tokyo : Miss Elaine. Had a great time, whole day in Kobe. Half way Wern and his kohai came from Nara after their exam finished.We had a perfect dinner at Mosaic , near Kobe port. The view was breath taking =) plus some best-est pizza that I ever had in Japan, 1300 yen per person was totally worth it.

Wern gave me a tin, saying it as my belated birthday present. With that smile on his face, I could sense that 'something' is good coming on, or I say 'nothing' good will I get?

It is something not even the buyer know what it is inside but on it says like this :

Tin for adults, only for 18 and above.
Something to be used for 2 adults in the middle of the night.
大人の楽しみ缶 a surprise tin for adults.
Enhance the imagination for 2 adults.
Funny toys included.

Since I did not have a can opener, and it's not something should be open so publicly , I decided to bring it back first. When I was back in my hostel , my friend a Japanese came in (they're not suppose to be in here during summer holidays) and said he missed the last train home need to stay over at my place for a night. OK~ no problem of course. So I had to to delay the open of my present till today. When I opened it this morning :

Am really sure this time nothing good is coming.. There's nothing in there that I could use. Cause..... Cause.....

the contents are : condoms, some weird gel , G-string.. etc. The last thing I found was really hilarious :


A VIBRATOR... Why the hell did I receive a vibrator as my birthday present!>!?!?>!#?" I put the batteries on, and the light came alive, with the little egg vibrate like nobody's business. 10 times stronger than the vibration of my cell phone . Yes guys it is exactly the same as you see in in your computer's porn. The AV stars might really get high with this inside their ..

It was lots of fun opening this present, with something really funny came out. Too sad I can't get to use any of them now >< . Can't wait to use them. lol
Thanks Mr Loo =))))

Tuesday, September 22, 2009




 朝9時から午後5時の間にお願いした人の半分以上に断られました。優しい人もいましたね。やっぱり日本人優しいですね〜特におばあちゃんとおじいちゃん達。大好き xoxo :) 。マレーシアにいたら10人の中に答えてくれる人がいないかも >.<


Friday, September 18, 2009


Hi everyone! I'm back in Japan. hmmm.. hmmm..

hmmm.. Nothing is delicious. That's all I can say. Hahahha..

Reach here this morning, when I was thinking on what to have for lunch, I couldn't think of anything that could make me drool. So ended up had normal lunch in school canteen. My noon nap - 5 hours. Very much needed after spending most of the time on plane watching night at the museum 2 and terminator 4. And.. the dream scene was in Malaysia ! Heheh.. proves that my heart is still in Malaysia. ^^

By the way , I'm officially 21 =)
Cake from my family
Cake from my friends

Another small piece from Abby forgot to snap the pic of it >.<

27 March 2008
17 September 2009

Some friends and family member couldn't make it but I don't mind at all. Had a wonderful time back in Malaysia. Thank you all. Thank you God . All the sms, wishes in facebook too, thanks =)

Oh yeah, my present from Kak Joyce and the geng , which was tonight's dinner :)
It was great! Thanks again !

Monday, September 14, 2009

Butterfly Park

I didn't know there's suck beautiful place in KL until I checked on the internet to find out where shall I bring my Japanese friends to in KL 2 weeks ago. I heard that there is a butterfly park too in Penang or other places but it's just too far. So, when I brought them around KL just took this chance to pay a visit to butterfly park KL, just near to Masjid Negara, and opposite of Bird Park KL.

Entrance fee is RM9/person if you're a Malaysian, and RM18/person for foreigners. And if you wants to take picture inside, they charge extra RM1. Note, no tripods are allowed inside.

Hundreds of butterflies were flying all over the place, and when you have had enough at the park you can exit, go down to a hall where they display samples of butterflies and other species from all over the world.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


It feels so, so good to be back home. When I was in Japanese language preparation school (PPKTJ, UTM) I used to come back once a week. It always felt wonderful but coming home after 1 year and 5 months different, hard to describe .

I'm home for 4 weeks, which I think is not too short, and not too long neither. Most of my friends are in their exam month,can't meet them more often as I thought I could. But I know that when I had exam too I never hang out with you guys. hah! Karma *.* All the best mates!

Visited KTJ, the new version of the school where I learnt Japanese language. It is relocated now in UiTM, Section 17 Shah Alam. They have much better study environment/facilities. The only negative point is they don't have much places to hang out after classes. The nearest would be Subang. And of course, the lecturers are still as nice as ever. Had nice talks with Ito Mitsumasa sensei, Kodama Sensei, Oowaki Sensei, Ito Seiko Sensei, Sato Sensei and got to know a few new senseis. Am really happy that the teachers still remember us (Hafiz from Nagaoka and Helmi from Tokyo too visited on the same day).

Brought some Japanese from Nagaoka around KL with Hafiz, Wei Shen and Ming Jing last night.It's been a year since I last met Wei Shen and MJ=). Walked around KL, from Jalan Bukit Bintang to Jalan Alor , Jalan P.Ramlee, Jalan Ampang ...We got them to see the KLCC at night near the park and the noisy ,happening street with clubs and pubs. Didn't get to enter, cause there were three 16 years old girls with us.

My classmates too came here last week. Brought them to Malacca, the furthest. Mostly were around Klang Valley ,all about food. And.. I have another week left here! Not really busy. Anyone wanna ask me and have lunch or something?

The weekend trip to JB/Singapore last week was awesome, with my mum, nephew and sister. Guys and girls, I was thinking if we take flight to Sg and do some shopping, stay there for 2 nights at least so that we can have tax refund when we return.. Can we save more? Cause I found out some clothes there are cheaper after I converted them into Ringgit.

Lastly, I really hate to drive in Malaysia. Traffic jam without a reason, even if its with a reason it is a stupid reason. Gosh that lady who drove Toyota Camry just now is really a bitch. DAMN IT!