Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In china

In china , I've

seen people spitting anywhere
Eaten all kind of delicious food
Meeting people from china,Switzerland , Australia, Japan,Taiwan,Russia,Papua new guinea , hong kong,Spain,England,Malaysia,Austria,Italy... And many more
Had really cheap coffee(Americano)
Used the 'best' toilets
No toilet paper experience 囧
Seated in the train for 18 hours
Taken Chinese bullet train
Push and not queueing when I wanna take public transport
Spitted once on the road like a Chinese
Learnt about Chinese history
Walking under 40C degree in Shaoxing and hangzhou
Couchsurfed 5 cities with 7 amazing hosts
Slept on 2 couch, 2 floors, 1 hotel, 3 youth hostels
Reusing dirty clothes
Visited no less than10 museums
My backpack started with 8.9kg in shanghai is now 13 kg
Spent 4200yuan and still counting
Had really really cheap beers
Spoken mandarin,Cantonese,Japanese,English , Hokkien
Holiday romance
Rented a bike and ride around an island
Cursed the people who did not queue at the counter
Had kfc once , McDonald's 3 times
Cheated people that I'm a Chinese to save the trouble of explaining why Malaysian Chinese can speak good mandarin.
Getting really close to Tibet but can't go in because of visa problem
Read 2 books
Discussing with people about politics , and telling them about Malaysia and Japan
Missing home

And the list goes on ..
10 days left in this country. Shangrila is waiting for me!!