Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Don't think so that I'll have time to blog tomorrow night.So,I'm going to bid my farewell here.After 2 years of foundation course,I have passed my exam,and will leave for Japan this thursday,which is the 27 of March 2008.The day that I have been waiting for so long,yet so fast.It has come.So it is time for me to say goodbye now to everyone that I love.

My family,of course.Love each and everyone of you.Gonna miss you all..Thank you for taking care of me in the past 20 years.I'll learn to go on by myself now,and will try my best not to disappoint you guys.*kiss*

Yo friends..Can't imagine what would I be without you guys.All the great times we had had together.Will never be forgotten.Appreciate everything that you guys done for me.Will miss the moment we lepak together.And,yeah!We're so gonna do it again!!in KLANG of course,the royal city.Final words-thank you and take care.
Kaki lepak

PPKTJs!2 years has just come and gone.また日本で一緒にがんばろう!

Dear kohais..See you guys next year in Japan.

Running out of time now..Yet to finish my packing and all.Don't have the chance and time to post the pics we took in Greenbox and other pictures of my friends as the memory card is still not with me.To all my friends,thank you and take care.You know who you are.Love you guys and girls lots.Somehow manage to get this old picture :


And of course,my loving country.Malaysia.Thank you for giving me the chance to further my studies in Japan.I will try my best and put studies and learning in my top priority.

先生方へ: この2年間、大変お世話になりました。いろいろありがとうございます。日本にいけるのは、先生方のおかげに違いありません。これからも頑張ります!


Monday, March 24, 2008


Remember how I said I wanted to leave here so badly?That thought changed now somehow..Don't know how.Haha..3 days left.It has been a real mind-roller coaster ride for me in the past few days.Feeling excited..But at the same time,feeling reluctant to leave this place.

First,my family.I'm so gonna miss them..all of them.No more family dinner for months or years,no more festival mood,no more carrying my cute nephew,no more manja-ing to my mom..and so on.Bid farewell to my eldest sister last night as she isn't able to send me off at KLIA.Yeah,for sure,got tears la~!Can't imagine how bad am I or am I not going to cry on that day?

Friends.Saturday night,I had a gathering dinner with them in Nyonya Kitchen Restaurant.16 of us,including me squeezed into a table.Aiks..So it was like..really uncomfortable.I also feel very embarrassed.Paiseh!After the dinner,most of them gone back.Left only 6 guys,where we were to meet again in Steakhouse for yamcha.In Steakhouse,I ordered a cup of ice cream cocktail.Just after a few minutes,Tian Shen decided that all of us to go for a movie.Didn't want to go at first cause was quite tired and wanted to go home and be with my family.Went there anyway and...

When I followed him to collect the tickets from his friends...PUFF!! A SURPRISE PARTY FOR ME!! wow!!I don't know how to describe my feeling that time as i was so so so shocked,happy and touched.I think the happiness overcame other emotions that made me didn't cry.I don't know how to say how grateful I am to you guys..a big THANK YOU!!I was really fooled by all of them,which i think each and every of them deserved an Oscar.LOL..It was a perfect show which caught me by surprise.:)

It was in Greenbox,and we sang there till 3 in the morning,till they closed.Too bad I'm unable to upload any pictures of the event cause my camera's memory stick isn't with me now.Will upload them sometime in the future.Here you go,my thank list:TS ,COLIN ,CHARLENE ,SATE ,LAI ,GOH ,KWAI FEI ,XHIN ,SHU YI ,SIEW FENG ,KEY EARN ,DC ,KOK WEI ,and WAI KUAN(though you didn't make it..thanks!).

The remaining days in Malaysia,I'll spend it with my family and to pack my stuffs..(cursing) It is so so mendou(troublesome).Hope that they won't stop me for over-weight when I check in at airport..

Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17

Another sleepless night.Have no idea why I can't step into my dreamland.Been trying for the pass 1 hour but..That's the reason why I'm here,blogging.

March 17.It used to be a very special day for me,for the past 3 years.But it's just going to be a normal day today.Nothing more..Just another day,ordinary day.Still in my mind,very clearly,this day in year 2005--->The happiest day in my life.In year 2006, I think I was in National Service,with a smile.Last year...Forgot d.Exam period?Should have been..tak ingat la..But will not have the chance to have a happy March 17 again.

And now,my Windows Media Player is playing Nelly Furtado's 'All Good Things Come To An End'...Damn it why this time.No idea~~

10 more days..Feel a bit complicated,with the mixture of : happiness ,sadness ,fearful ,excited ,etc.Have yet to start packing my luggage.Aiks..laziness..Must not let it conquer me when I'm in Japan.Hope I'll have the good feeling when packing my luggages.:P

My mom and sister said to me today:We wanna go to Japan next year...Which means..I can't get to come home then?Haha..What if i get homesick huh..No idea(again*) Let's see how when the time comes k.

Friday, March 14, 2008



Muahaha..These 2 ladies,wish you a very happy birthday!!On the same day huh..14th March.Know what?It's the famous E=mc2 's creator--->Albert Einstein's birthday as well!Ermm..If he's still alive la..Don't know if they'll see this or not but hope they will notice at an entrance just for you girls wey~!

Well..There's quite a number of things that I wanna talk about here,other than the wishes.Here it goes: JERO. Any idea who the heck is this?check this out.(Sorry but i still yet to figure out how to upload a video from youtube..paiseh).This guy from American can actually sing that.And he looks cool!I was like...what the????!!!!When I first saw the video.He sings 演歌(enka) really well..*salute*.Just imagine if I learn Spanish or French and sing their traditional song...impossible!

Next..I went for a movie last night with TS.We watched 'The Mist'..I can't say much bout it but I do think that it was great.Based on the novel from Stephen King..Just imagine it.It wasn't perfect but I think it is a great movie and way better than '10,000 B.C'.The best part of the movie was the ending...Worth watching(6 bucks only mah Wednesday)

Had my haircut today.Cut + wash=rm30...OKOK la..for me.The washing part was really worth it cause the shampoo girl washed for more than 30 minutes I guess..Since there was no one in the salon plus,we were having fun crapping.Her massage skill isn't bad too!Will she be there too next time I go for a haircut?Hmm..No idea.This girl comes from Sumatera,same age as me.Just feel like telling her 'BRAVO' with two thumbs up.Hehe..great courage to come over and survive with her own hands.Another *salutes*.

It's Friday!Weekend's coming..No plan yet.Anyone gonna call me and ask me out?isk isk...Gonna meet Derrick.I know you miss me dude!lol

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fix Me

When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

And high up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
But if you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down your face
And I...

Tears stream down on your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face
And I...

Fix You,one of my favourite song from Coldplay.When I got a bit too emo,might even cry if I listen to this..
Feel so tired but I can't sleep.Someone,fix me now.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

12th General Election

Just got up from a 4-hours noon nap.Because slept too late last night..Yeah,to catch the election's results.It was real slow!

The last time I sit in front of TV for so long was like..few years back?Even football matches last for only 2 hour 30 minutes plus match highlights.From 7 o'clock,I faced the TV screen and computer screen for not less than 8 hours,until 3 something in the midnight.(The FA Cup match between MU and Portsmouth didn't even bother me!!)

I feel that adults and of course,politicians take GE very seriously but for me,it gave me some kind of a 'carnival's feeling.Maybe I'm still too young for it ..I feel like I have missed something for not being able to participate in this GE.Am I going to vote 5 years later?I have no idea .If I'm not in Malaysia that time,I could vote by postal vote but according to most of my seniors...They don't.Hehe..laziness?

The results are out.The new government will be formed soon(as soon as Monday I guess).The people has chosen who to lead them.Hope that a better Malaysia is coming our way.

Friday, March 7, 2008

10th Post

May 2006,mamak

Me : Hey,know what?I've got the scholarship to further my studies in Japan!

XX : Wow!That's cool!So when are you leaving?

Me : Hmmm..I need to undergo a course for 2 years first.So I think it'll be in year 2008.

XX : Wa...That's very nice lo.Very lucky la you!!

Me : Haha..

CNY 2007,someone's house

XX : Eh,when are you going to Japan ah?

Me : Nola..Not so fast.Next year only going..If I pass the exam la.

XX : Oh I see I see.Wa..That time sure meet lots of kawaii Japanese chicks lo.Must intro to me you know??!!

Me : Haha..No la I go there to study 1 wey...

XX : Aiya study also have to play one mah..So now can speak Japanese d loh?

Me : Oh..A bit bit like that lo..

XX : Wa really lucky la you..

Me : O.o...............

August 2007,Jusco

XX : Hey Vince!I thought you in Japan d?

Me : Nola...Not yet take my exam.Next year March or April only..If I pass la..

XX : Aiya you sure can de la!Few years later I go Japan find you.Must bring me around ok?!!

Me : Of course,no problem bro!

XX : Will you come back after that?

Me : Maybe kua.Don't know yet wor..

XX : Aiya marry a Japanese chick then no need come back d la.Nothing is good here in Malaysia whert..

Me : Where got that easy la..My seniors say it is hard to mix with them one.

XX : Aiya you can one la can one la don't worry.

Me : .....

March 2008

Me : Hey man,I'm leaving end of this month.Let's go hang out somewhere sometime this week.

XX : Hah?!So fast ah..Wa time really flies wey..

Me : Ya lo..

XX : You start packing d?

Me : Hmm..Not yet la still got 3 weeks ma.

XX : 3 weeks very fast one believe me.Wa sure very expensive one lo!

Me : Hmm I don't know wor you gotta ask JPA how much they spent on each student.

XX : Eh you got scholar ah?!Wahlao ass.Lucky la you!

Me : Ha.Ha..haha.................................................................

This is what been happening to me in the past 2 years.XX can be referred to not only 1 person,but maybe more than 10 person,including some old friends,new friends or even my relatives.I'm going to blog about how do I feel in this entry.

First,I'm really grateful that I have this opportunity to further my studies in a country where I have been yearning to go to since I was a kid.But still,there's a lot of worries on what will happen in my future.Furthermore,I'm going to Akashi National College of Technology(NOT University) by myself.Thank god there's a few seniors there and they have been really helpful by giving me all the important tips before I leave.

Second,luck.Yes I do admit I was really lucky to get this scholarship.But those who thinks and keep saying stuffs like :

'Damn it this lucky guy..Really lucky la.Like kena 4D.It must has been a gift from the God of Fortune or Someone..BLA BLA BLA'


Ishh..Got a bit emo here.haha..Don't mind don't mind..Yeah.Went for tuition everyday in my secondary school life cause the teachers in school weren't good enough,traveled all the way from Terengganu back here (I was having National Service in Kem Bakau Resort,Kerteh) for the JPA interview,and finally suffered a hell like intensive course in PPKTJ for 2 years. (Hell like was partly due to the uni's environment and hostel).IF I had not been through all this,I am not what I am now.

Sometimes when the same person asked me the same question:When are you leaving huh?
I'll feel like slapping him.Haha..This kind of friend..Ishh Ishh..But..who cares anyway?Now I know who are my truly good,close friends and those who really care bout me and love me.(Including my relatives,whom some of them don't really bother at all).

3 weeks left.What kind of feelings will I go through?Let's see!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Ito Seiko sensei,Gane and Jun came to Klang today.^^

Gane was their driver and they reached around 10++.We met in my old school,SMK Raja Mahadi before we head for Bak Kut Teh (yeah!BKT again!in BKT Land-Klang).As expected,everyone said おいしい!うまい! (delicious)..but no one seem to like the pig's intestines duh..other than me and Gane huh...heheh

Wanted to go to Crab Island but end up went and talk,talk and talk-ed in my house.I didn't really want to go there anyway..Due to the time plus we didn't know the boat's schedule..まあいいか?行かなくても。。We were crapping for more than 3 hours!!Just talk,talk!LOL.It was really nice to be able to speak with sensei in Japanese.So that we don't forget how to speak.

Actually we were just gossiping..haha.About our lives in PPKTJ,and about other students..and teachers of course..

Then we went to the so-called largest AEON shopping center,Jusco Bukit Tinggi and we did something really nice-------->KARAOKE!

It's been a long time since i last went to sing K so even though had to fork out an extra RM5 for the membership card..I gave in.We sang for nearly 4 hours,from 4p.m till 8 p.m .Including English,Chinese,Japanese and Malay songs.It was really great really:) Everyone sang really well. Only 1 sad thing was I had forgotten my camera..

Had lots of fun.Thanks for coming!Maa..Hope can have the chance to play like this again neh..

Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's March!!!

Yeah.err..what can I say??


LOL..This marks my final month here in Malaysia,for the time being.So,let's start the countdown! of my most favourite things to do.All these while,I've been doing countdown for Monkasho exam.As weeks passed by,I would mark down the column.Surprisingly,after the exam i have nothing for me to wait cause the officials didn't tell us the exact date that we'll fly.

Until last Monday(25 Jan), we finally went to Putrajaya for the Pre-Flight Briefing stuff and was given some 'amanat speech' by the head of JPA.(Putrajaya is quite a beautiful place!!)haha..Other than receiving few thousand bucks,both in cash and traveler's cheque,the most important thing was the details given to us by MAS official.

He was a short,fat guy,with very irritating way of speaking.Look,this guy,added lots of CJ(cold jokes) in his speech which were really cold!!The only bunch of guys making noise inside the auditorium was.......


That makes me feel a bit embarrassed but,as usual lah,we PPKTJ ma,they AAJ and IBT,sure more high class, polite??(I feel it was the latter one) muahhahaha...I feel like they were a bit trying to behave themselves in front of us order not to destroy their own image.WAHAHHAA!!ふざけんな!!

OK.Back to the real business.This year,we are only allowed to carry a total of 25 kg(check in luggage+hand carry,20+5) onto the airplane.What?!?!Come on la wei..even AirAsia allow us to carry 7kg hand carry luggage okie..sometimes they don't even bother to weight it!I can say MAS really this how they earnt RM800+million in Financial Year 2007??Well...Well done to you,Datuk Idris Jala but just to let you know,all the students here are extremely unsatisfied!!Unless...This was the order given to you guys by JPA.Who knows?They don't wanna let us bring our sambal,belacan,ikan bilis...blablabla is it..(To save the fuel cost??) But just imagine,the luggage itself already cost me 3~4 some heavy winter clothes..PUFF! What else can I bring there huh??

Those who tried other airlines should know that students are usually allowed to carry extra weight luggage..since they have books,papers,pencil,pens,eraser,ruler...blablabla..and so on and so on.Some more,we'll be there for a long time!For sure we need to bring a lot of stuffs there but..How could you!!!Argh...No point complaining here already la.Somehow I'm still grateful that I got this offer.Hehee:P

When shall I start packing my stuffs huh?20+days left..Feel so lazy la..Haha concentrate on my football match tonight first! It is MU vs Fulham. Go go ManUtd!!

Glory,glory man united!glory glory man united...sing*

Hope it's going to be a happy month for me.:)