Thursday, February 28, 2008

KK trip day 3 and day 4

We dedicated the whole 3rd day to the beautiful Pulau Manikan.There were a few islands off KK but we decided to go to P.Manikan because everyone recommended it.With speedboat,we needed just 15 minutes to reach the island from Jesselton Point,KK jetty.Each person cost RM30(plus snorkelling masks and life jacket). order to enter the island,we have to pay another RM3 each!!No wonder la my wallet getting thin so fast..

Jesselton Point

The first thing we saw there

There was 1 brave 'ang moh',saw this snake then he tried to catch it.He kept saying[beautiful,beautiful..It is simply the most beautiful snake on earth.Only in South East Asia] and that reminds me of the great crocodile hunter,Steve Irwin..
Cute kids playing beside our campsite.(Korean)

Guess who's this?

At night,we went to Sabah's house to have dinner with his family.It was nice!食べきれないほど(too much till we couldn't finish everything)

Final picture before we leave the hostel.The 2 unknown girls inside were Dusun,the hostel's workers.

Then,Lazarus(tour guide)took us to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park.It cost us 10 bucks!!Damn it..But overall it was ok la.hehe..Seen quite lots of interesting animals.
Only in Borneo

Orang utans look so cute and they mix well with the memerang

The cutest creature in the whole park!!

Sadly,my camera ran out of battery after this final picture.So i wasn't able to take the pictures of snakes,zebras,tortoise,crocodiles and proboscis monkeys.

Next,we had our lunch.I had Tuaran mee again..not bad but still the previous one was nicer.Even though it was raining,we went to Tanjung Aru to have some 'walk' along the beach.Plus,food again.this time,gyouza,abc,fruits and peanuts...the list goes on and on.

We waited nearly 2 hours in the airport because had no where else to go.In the end,I reached home at 12!!Gotta prepare to go to Putrajaya some more..after everything I just slept without even take a shower.Hah!!That's me!!LOL

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

KK trip day 2

On the second day,we took a 2 hours ride from town to Kinabalu Park,which is at the heel of Mt Kinabalu.There,we entered the Botanical Garden(Rm4) and hot spring area(RM5 if you're bringing a camera).It was nothing much in the Botanical Garden but around the hot spring area,there were butterfly park,canopy walk and 2 waterfalls.Wern and I were only able to go to a waterfall name Kipungit Waterfall due to the other waterfall was too far away.We also did not have the chance to walk on the canopy because others were not interested..(RM5 each)

There were a swimming pool and quite a lot of hot spring pool.But the water came from a pipe,not directly from underground.And it wasn't really hot at all.

A small town name Tuaran where we stopped and had our breakfast.

Tuaran mee,the noodles were made of eggs,according to Sabah

The beautiful Mt Kinabalu,they too call it 神山(shen san),the mount of god.Details bout this mountain:

Some interesting plants i found in Botanical Garden

Sweet couple

Mount view on the way to hot spring

ライ さん

Stores at roadside

Kipungit Waterfall

Enjoying the hot spring bath!

On our way back to hostel,we stopped at somewhere(i forgot the name)to get some hand made handicrafts.It was in a 'fake' rumah panjang(longhouse),where the sellers were mostly bumis(Dusun and Kadazan).Same!Everything was expensive too but a bit cheaper if you compare it with the price in town.

The fog was very heavy that day and it was quite a ride down the mountain,our tour guide-Mr. Lazarus Gubi,a very cool guy was a good driver!

The second night was the same,we didn't do anything and just chit chat around,on-lining,talking on the phone,etc.Had a good sleep for the next day,because we were to go to island!

KK trip day 1

Yeah!I'm back,from Kota Kinabalu.Actually was back here on Sunday but went to Putrajaya on Monday morning for the 'Pre-flight briefing with JPA and MAS'.(quite an interesting day,might post bout it later).So am only able to post this one now.Along with Alan(Sabah),Lai,Gane,Wei Shen,my roommate(Wern),CT Ho(Ah Tuck) and Siok Min(pinku),8 of us went there for the first time,except Alan,of course.

First,me,Wern,Alan and Pinku met in KL Sentral while the others went to LCCT straight from Gane's house.From KL Sentral,the bus I took to LCCT was Aerobus,cost me RM14(return),single trip is RM8.While Skybus cost RM9 for single trip.

We booked our flight tickets in December,cost around RM300 for return flight between KK and LCCT.

The bus i took.

Our flight:AK5106,departs at 1110.

Took off

First glance of KK from the window

Welcome to Sabah!

After checked into the hostel(Red Palm Hostel),Alan took us around the town and we did some shopping.As expected,everything was expensive!We went to a few shopping malls,and 2 markets in town.Pasar ikan masin and Pasar kraftangan.The people there were not friendly at all..maybe because we are not foreigners??

Something I found very cool in the Pasar kraftangan

You can see many tailors with a sewing machine like this at roadside.

Lion dance in shopping mall(to collect ang paw)Well it was the last day of CNY actually.

Believe it?There's a few bah kut teh stores in town!!

Market at seaside(it was terribly smelly there)

Some cool folks playing chess at the roadside.Can you see this in KL?

Rm8 for each..anyone interested?Minemura sensei or Kodama sensei maybe..

Dinner in a super high class chinese restaurant,thank you Mr.Johnson Goh!

Sorry for Gane,he wasn't inside,the cameraman.

That's it!We didn't really do anything at night cause all the shops in KK closes early.Even I wanted to go have a look at KK's clubs but due to no one was clear with which club is nice,just canceled the plan.The hostel comes with internet service(a computer) and there was a tv with Astro as well!Not bad huh for rm78-3 nights stay.I consider that very,very cheap.