Monday, June 30, 2008

Another New Beginning(Feeling Only)

First post in 2 weeks.Wow..Time flies..Its the last day of the first hald of year 2008!!Did you guys realize that?Tomorrow marks the second half of year 2008.Huhu..Look back.I had had such a big change in my life in the past 6 months.or more precisely,shall I say 3 months?

Living in a foreign country is such a wonderful experience.I can totally feel it even though its only been 3 months that I first stepped my foot on the Land of Rising Sun.I have had my hard times,great times and boring times.I miss my home,friends,country a lot but at the same time,I'm living my life and learning from it.I feel that I have grown,but for how much?I don't know.Fr the least,it's at the level where my family and friends,especially my parents do not need to worry bout me that much anymore and enjoy their life since besides me,all my siblings are living their lives as a member of society already.(I'm the youngest out of 4 siblings) Was on the phone with my sister last night.20 minutes talk..felt like 2 minutes.But felt so great after the talk.Thanks for picking up the phone.Know you were going to bed that time d..

Alright.Some update about myself......STUDY la...What else.Ish...Yeah,I admit that 機械科 isn't as busy as some other department but still..It's not honeymoon also la(Oops..Manglish coming out)Homework,reports,revision is enough to take most of my time away.Not to forget basketball training.Final exam is in a month's time.I know I'll be thinking bout my summer trip(to Hokkaido)only that time.Gotta make sure I can stay focused.Hmmm...With EURO 2008 ended,Hope I can have mroe sleeping time.

Played around Kobe on Friday and Saturday.Met my ex-roommate,Adam and 2 seniors.All of them are from Nara Kosen,which is 2 hours train ride from here.Thank you Mr.Fu Xi (I don't know how to spell..sorry ah) for providing me a place to overnight.Had lots and lots of fun,love this city so much.Night view is perfect.How romantic huh?If I were there with my loved ones.But 5 guys there.Err...haha..I enjoyed as well.

Time to go.部活..Wish me luck!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Swimming Lesson

Had my first swimming lesson here today.
The last time i swam was in February,when I traveled to Sabah.
It was a hot day but water in the pool was cold..I'm the only one in 2 classes to wear a triangle swimming trunk:P
Too bad no girls around..Not as lucky as my seniors where they had swimming lessons with girls together.(Don't mind!!I kept telling myself cause summer is really near and I'm gonna go to beaches.wohoo~~)
Fun!!But damn tiring..swam 25m,25m,50m,50m,100m and finally 25m again.Therefore..I decided to skip basketball training today.Hehe..

*Mom.thanks for sending me my swimming goggles.
Love you lots

Saturday, June 14, 2008

合宿研修ー(belajar sambil melawat??) in Suzuka and Nagoya

Went for a class trip,to Suzuka Circuit(somewhere in Mie Prefecture) , Honda Factory and Toyota's Automobile Museum.It went out much more fun that I thought,leaving me in great satisfaction and didn't feel like coming back to hostel at all..

Morning at 8,we left from our school and in 3 hours,we reached Suzuka....of course makan first la!!We had 食べ放題(buffet),with a huge variety of foods to choose.Among them were Japanese cuisine,Western and so on.
The place we had our lunch :

Next,group photo!!At the entrance of Suzuka Circuit :

Had 5 rounds of go-kart(did I spell wrongly?),very very very,extremely fun.It was totally different from the one we played in Genting Highlands.This thing can go up to 45km/h.Before the race,they gave us talks on safety,technics and so on.Since I'm the only one who's having a license in my group(Msian driving license),of course I won la..hehe..started from final pit but potong sini sana then ended up champion.LOL

My 'yeng' pose after the race :

Next,the event I looked forward the most : To race a round on Suzuka Circuit...But I wasn't the driver,all of us were in the bus and the bus ride on it!!I wish I were the bus driver..The view from inside the bus..I wonder Hamilton , Kubica , my fav Mika Hakkinen have the same view as well??

Ready , set , go!With the Safety Car in front of you , means you're in 1st position.Hehe..Only 1 bus mah...(Goh CM don't jealous lo if you're reading this..)

Random pictures :

This game , 2 rounds only cost me 500¥(rm15).Feel like I was back to a kid..

Our dinner : Japanese cuisine.Me first time having the 'real' Japanese food..Since the hostel one tasted totally different from this :

After dining,had my first bowling game in Japan.8 of us,it was fun but I scored the lowest..sigh.

The next day , we took 2 hours bus ride up north to Nagoya , to Toyota Automobile Museum. Pictures I think guys will like it :

Tucker Don't know the name

Fire bridget..(Spelling ok?..) or kereta bomba la easier.From 50 years back
I want this!!!

The first Toyota made Sedan.Do you guys know that before this Toyota was named 'Toyoda'?? This car is placed at the entrance of the museum.

Yeah..Recognize this??!!No need me to tell la I'm sure you watched the movie before!
Fairlady Z432 (1970)
Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO-MR

Will talk bout the Honda factory in my next post.Sneak peak : A lil comparison with Proton factory which I visited with PPKTJians in February this year.Check it out!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Insane , selfish , evil

What else can we describe this guy?Killed and injured people whom he doesn't know just because he is sick of this world.Tomohiro Kato,is his name.I was shocked when I reached hostel last night,got in front of the tv and saw this news.
It was a Sunday,on the busy street of Akihabara.Read bout it through the link or I'm sure it can be seen on Malaysia newspaper as well.Don't feel like typing the incident..What shivered me the most is his words :
"I came to Akihabara to kill people,I am tired of the world. Anyone was OK. I came alone."

What the hell is wrong with this guy?or this world?Don't know what to say.So pissed!And sorry for the victims and their family.May God bless them.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exam's over = Break's over?

Yup!!It's over.Hehe..Exam's over.Now I feel much more relaxed,feeling is totally different
from last week,worried and tense a bit cause it was my first exam here.Well,everything went fine.Thank God.:)

It wasn't all about study in this pass week.I had this wonderful experience of being stopped by policeman.Why??Blame it on Michael sempai.Haha..Jkjk...I appreciate very much on what you thought me before I came here, gave me your チャリ(chali-bicycle).BUT,it was that bike that caused me trouble. Somewhere sometime last week,when I was riding on my bike,a police patrol car stopped in front of me out of nowhere.OOPS...Am I in trouble?Was my first thought.Then one really tough looking,tall,macho guy with sunglasses,in police uniform came down and asked : Excuse me?Your chali doesn't have a lock with it.Is it yours or did you got from somewhere?I need your name,the chali's owner's name and I want to check your bike's registration number now. After giving him everything he demanded,he called somewhere and check.(Michael's name wasn't enough..I told him Michael Tiong HH only he satisfied)Finally,I was free to go.This incident cost me 30 minutes..sigh.When I was back in hostel,I asked my friend bout it.And he told me that it is necessary,or normal,cause they suspect it might be a stolen bike.WOW!Can you see this in Malaysia?Never mean to insult Polis Diraja Malaysia but I believe they won't give a damn on a stolen bicycle right??Fuh..respect the Japanese.I think they can curb 'stolen bike crime',or,wahatever you name it by doing so.Since all the bicycles here are registered and this made their job easier.This incident reminds me of my lovely bikes being stolen from me and my brother(all in Taman Sri Andalas,Klang) when we were younger.Sigh..Shimano some least 3 bicycles were stolen then.Sakit hati betul..And he said I might be stopped again if any policeman saw me,unless I put on a locker.....And one locker cost around 3000¥.Wow!Means..the chance of being stopped again is high.Cause I ain't gonna buy it.Great experience cause this is the first time in my whole life,being stopped by a policeman.The best thing is,it did not happen in my home country.



Next....I read this during my exam period-[愛してるぜベイベ],a manga.Don't know what is it called in English.Borrowed from a nice guy name Daiki Kira.Thought of reading it after my exam release tension,or any excuse I don't mind.Finished reading 7 books of them in 3 days time.It's about a super handsome guy,the most popular guy in school,given a task by his sister to take care of a 5 year old girl who was being left by her mom.I had fun reading it..It was relaxing.Me first time reading comic in Japanese language.Really really slow..half way had to check with my dictionary some more.


Lastly,had 焼き肉(yakiniku-BBQ) with all my classmates who stay in hostel last night.One word to describe-NICE.Loving it..but cost 2000¥ per person,cause it is buffet style,with time limit of 90 minutes....So can't have it that often lo..Someone suggested on going for nice meal everytime after exam.Great idea right?!Still can't understand fully what they said but..had fun guessing.Haha..


Hmmm..the next manga series that I'm going to read would be....Honey and Clover!

Gotta finish my report first..Then can have fun tomorrow in Kobe.^^
Long post..thanks for reading.!!