Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My country

I'm at a place 6 hours flight from my home,Malaysia. With the internet, technology, all kind of new programs and sites that everyone can use now as long as you have a computer and internet connection, I feel like Malaysia is not that far from me.

Sadly , we don't use the benefits of internet for good stuffs. In fact, people are spreading words, videos, notes that could only make the racism problem in my beloved country to get worse. It was Merdeka yesterday. I miss celebrating it with my friends back in Malaysia, thanks to the good time I had when I was in SMRM marching band in my high school days.At the same time, I saw at least 10 posts on Facebook in the span of 2 days , spreading the news of bad things that are happening in Malaysia. People see what someone's post, and they forward. As they forward it they too ask people around to forward them too.

What I do not understand is, is there a need to tell everyone around you about the bad things that are happening? By spreading them and posting them on your profile, you're making people to hate each other more. Why don't we spread love instead? Crimes, racial issues and fights, unfairness of a country's policy..etc. I'm 22 this year, and I don't have the memory of such chaos in my country before. I shall call this one of the biggest detriment of the internet.

Finally, I'm here to ask for all my fellow friends and Malaysians who read this : Please stop posting videos or notes that could make the racial issue in our country getting worse. I love all the funny and meaningful videos that you share.I could only feel sad , other than sad when I see those posts condemning other races online. Because I have many friends from other races and there are all my true, good friends.

I'm a day late, but Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians.


My third summer in Japan. Don't know when it started, and its like coming to an end soon cause it's not that hot anymore. Fall might come before I could even realize.Have been studying for the past 6 month . Well, at least they are all over, for now. Results are not out yet, though. And I can have the break that I have been yearning for.

After the final university entrance exam in Tokyo, stayed for another 5 days in Tokyo in senior's house, went to an awesome trip in Chiba Prefecture. YES! To the beach! With my good seniors, they rent a car and fetch me and some new friends around. Gotta know a few new awesome friends, Malaysians and China people. Other than that I spent most of the time walking around Tokyo, among them Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku..blah blah blah. Shopping, of course I did. ;p Bought something for my baby Nicholas too =)

One interesting place in Tokyo - Akihabara. Entered maid cafe for the first with another 2 of my classmates, and these are our cute pictures =)

Some pictures from the trip to Chiba

I feel good. Really good. Another month's rest, and for the final 6 months in technical college, hope it will be an unforgettable one. =)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hey guys.. I'm still alive ;p

Japan just lost their match an hour ago. Well both teams didn't do well enough to win duh. oooo.. sad together with my friends. 悔しい!!!!! From now I got no team to support. So.. staahdee la.

Gugu miss you so much baby Nicky. and I miss the ohr mee in front of you also. awhhh.. I guess it's still miso soup and rice+some don't know what stuff tomorrow. By the way my maggie stock is finishing.. Anyone going to send me ?

Oh yeah dahjie hope you and your baby will have a good time in Aussie . My next post don't know will be when d. Don't expect much. Friends in Klang, all the best in everything! And 同期の受験生達、がんばろう!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Superb weekend

  It was a Friday. Touched down at KLIA, and suddenly I'm back in Klang. Familiar faces, yet a bit blur. Mom and sis were around me. Home is a little messy and dark. Why didn't you turn on the lights? Or maybe just because of the new tiles made the living room look darker.

Have only a small luggage with myself, but did not have time to open it and give the souvenirs I have brought home. They were some instant noodles, and snacks,I suppose, that are not available in Malaysia. Can't remember the rest than, but what was in my brain was home-cooking dishes, and mamak food. I must eat, rush as fast as possible because I awared that I don't have much time left.

Did I had enough nasi lemak? What did I do? Without knowing what I did and what I ate, it was Sunday evening. Gosh, I gotta pack now. The flight was at 18:40, from KLIA to Kansai International Airport. Only then that I realized I did not open up my luggage till now, the goods that I brought home couldn't be delivered to my friends and families.

It sound stupid but I just had to bring back the whole luggage, the one that I brought home from Japan, back to Japan. Mom is busy, brother and others were not around. Thank goodness my second sister was free with her Vios, she was kind enough to send me to airport. But it was 18:30! The flight leaves in 10 minutes. How can I make it from Klang to KLIA.??

Due to the volcano eruption in Iceland, the aviation world was in chaos. Not only the flights to and from Europe were affected , but the one to Japan was affected as well. So I thought it was going to be alright.

I don't know how I made it. My sister is so good at driving that we made it in 10 minutes from Bandar Botanic to KLIA. Or, the flight was delayed, and I made it just in time. I just didn't know what happened. When I regained consciousness, I was back in bed. How did I make it?

Looking at my phone, Monday morning it is. Oh what a nice weekend I had back in Malaysia.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


在 Facebook up 的照片没我想像中的美。希望这儿会好点。


谢谢你们了,host family!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Congratulations on your First Holy Communion.

Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Went to a dental clinic yesterday. Paid them 5ooo yen , and when I paid the bill I received this as a present. *.*

Go to see a dentist also got present? Don't know the reason. By the way, I was quite surprised and happy , thought it was some kind of sweets or cakes or whatsoever because of the shape and size. But I found out in the end... RICE!

I'm a bit stupid. How possible is a dental clinic going to feed you with sweet stuffs? nonono.. They won't be that bad to telling you clearly that they hope to see you again soon with some bad teeth . Just like putting a 'Please Come Again' sign at the exit of the hospital.

I've got a lot of rice now. hehe. Afiq left me some. And I bought 10kg last month. How to finish them?

27th March, marks my 3rd year in Japan =)
Hope and pray to God that good stuffs will happen in this year.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Shuu shuuuu!

Brush off some sad posts before this. I'm still having holiday! Why am I so down recent weeks? HUH! End the week in high note. Me shall. Or perhaps end this holiday in high note! weeeee~

4, I lost 4kg in 2 weeks after holiday started. Why? Cause no oily food, no nasi lemak, no ayam goreng.. wrong!!! The reason is simple because I do not cook well and the fact that forcing-yourself-to-eat-something-not-so-delicious-at-all-makes-you-lose-weight. >.<>
and, the parcel is not here yet. I shall eat all the bak gua to gain some weight ", ) Will try to make some nice food to treat Abang Afiq and Kak Joyce before they leave to their university, after I get the parcel =)

Here's another 4.I have not cut my hair for 4 months. F-O-U-R bloody months. Not hot at all so no need to cut. Hahahhaa. I used to cut once every month back in Mareehsia. Cause I felt spending RM20+ a bit and let some one to take care of your hair is an enjoyment(ermmm, not the TOPCUT in TAMAN SRI ANDALAS). You're lucky if they provide massage service.In here the enjoyment cost you RM100 WITHOUT massage. Will go and cut it by the end of this month. SUGGESTIONSSSS pls~~~ will I look like an idiot with ball look alike face if I cut this?what about that? Will post em up if it looks nice, will not if the opposite *.*

By the way, spent the previous *FOUR* days in my tutor's house (Shohei). He brought me to 2 different hot springs, enjoyed his mom's delicious cooking, and ..enjoyed some snow. Felt much peace there, will really go crazy if I continue staying here till early April.

March, Happy birthday mum. Love you always. and Dajie , another important woman in my life. Friends. Abby, Elaine, Fi,Kim, and those who I left out. Have a blessed birthday =)))

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


















Saturday, January 23, 2010

Green Day

My 4th concert in Japan, Green Day live in Osaka. Got my tickets a bit late so I could only stand at the second floor >.<>

Give Me Novacaine

Song list:

01 21st Century Breakdown

02 Know Your Enemy

03 East Jesus Nowhere

04 Holiday

05 The Static Age

06 Give Me Novacaine

07 Are We The Waiting

08 St.Jimmy

09 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

10 Murder City

11 Burnout

12 I Fought The Low(The Clash)

13 Hitin'A Ride

14 Welcome To Paradise

15 Geek Stink Breath

16 Nice Guys Finish Last

17 Maria

18 When I Come Around

19 Brain Stew

20 Jaded

21 Longview

22 Basket Case

23 She

24 King For A Day/Shout/Love Me Tender/Hey Jude

25 21Guns

26 Minority

encore 1

01 American Idiot

02 Jesus Of Suburbia

encore 2.

01 Last Night On Earth

02 Redundant

03 Good Riddance(Time Of Your Life)

The whole concert lasted for nearly 3 hours, the longest show that I have seen from a single band/artist. Goosebumps all over and over again. Totally worth the 8000yen . AWESOME!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

1Malaysia .. ?