Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Trip 3 --> Hiroshima 広島

  I'll start with my last trip though..cause others all blog bout Hokkaido (Gane and Lai ) so I also feel lazy to blog bout it d..Cause we have almost the same pictures.Hehe..
       OK..About Hiroshima..The first city in the world to have suffered from atomic bomb.The damage..You might can't quite feel it unless you enter Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum by yourself. If it was a hydrogen-bomb,the damage could have been even worse.

       First,why did the US develop the bomb? It said in the museum that they feared that Germany had possessed of a new age bomb-atomic bomb.Bla bla bla..End up they started developing themselves.(Manhattan Project)...OK that's it.I hate history lessons.I'm sure you guys have read bout it somewhere in Form 2 or Form 3 History lessons.

       8:15 am , August 6 1945.(Charlene, realise it is your bday? ) The bomb was detonated at 600m above the city center. Heat rays and blast burned and clashed nearly all buildings within 2km of the hypocenter, took away approximately 140,000 lives.   

原爆ドーム Hiroshima peace memorial
What if it happen to KLCC huh..

Albert Einstein ,the famous scientist. Can we said he was the cause of this?
I used to respect him very much. That has changed since I visited Hiroshima.

The exact time when the bomb detonated.
In front of Peace Memorial Park.Where they have prayers every year.
The small stone under there writes 'rest in peace'

Scientists say that the dark shadow on the stair shows that someone was sitting there.
All that left was the shadows.(in front of a bank)
This bricks were donated by 三井銀行 if I'm not mistaken.

The Black Rain,30 minutes after the bomb detonated due to the dusts.
Sound like a movie or anime huh?
  There were lots of other items,for example nails and hairs(real ones),uniforms,bricks, and 弁当(food)-rice in black color.Didn't take those pictures,cause was a lil bit too scary.

  Second day, I took an hour of 市電(city train?street car?on the road one),they name it 広電(Hiroden) to 宮島(Miyajima) ,a world heritage site.It is famous for its temple,a temple on the sea-海の上の神社. Low tide at daytime,but I wish to see high tide as well..

This thing is huge
Love this,very yeng
The whole temple will look like on the sea at night time.

My best shots


 Hiroshima's deepest wish : elimination of all nuclear weapons and the realization of a genuinely peaceful international community. Totally agree with that. I learned something really important through this visit.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time of my life

 I'm enjoying the time of my life now.No worries on anything. Nothing bothers me now.In a world of my own. Naive?Immature?Maybe I am.I'm such a lucky guy to have this chance to come to Japan. Today,27th.It has been 5 months. It is just a short period. A semester has gone , taking my break now. What a break it is. I had the chance to explore the northern part of Japan - Hokkaido for 10 days. Wonderful trip. Opened my eyes,and learnt a lot of things from my seniors-thank you William, Lau and Ben.

 Kudos to my friends,PPKTJians who planned the Hokkaido trip.It was a really great one. *respect* . Cause I know it is never easy to plan a trip. From Hokkaido,I went down Tokyo(1 week),then to Nara for only 2 days.Back here in Akashi today but will travel west again tomorrow to Hiroshima,the place where was hit by atomic bomb half century ago.What kind of feeling will I experience?

 Suddenly I miss home so much. My family,my friends in Klang. Missing all of you.It's either 6 months,or another year then I can see and feel you all again.Bah kut teh oh Bah kut teh..Ever thought of opening a chain store in Japan?I bet the Japanese love it.

 I love Hokkaido so much.I told myself that i must go there again!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Yo everyone..greetings from Hokkaido.

To my friends in 関東、関西 area..IT'S COOLING HERE!! know what?at night it reaches only 21 or 22 celcius.Noon max also 27 like that.I even felt cold when I just reached the ferry terminal.wohoho~~Hardly sweat in the past few days.hehe..Maybe its going to be fine to bring a light jacket kua.

By the way,ne smartest thing that I have ever done in my whole life--->going for a holiday without bringing my specs.HOH?!Are you laughing there?Great..keep on laughing..I also wanna laugh..Sigh..Gotta survive with my only pair of lens for 3 weeks.Gosh..Never a day I have not put a specs on me since I was in Standard 2.Now I'm experiencing it (except my sunshade)

Yeah yeah..keep on laughing..I'm going to have ramen now !

Thursday, August 7, 2008

See You Later!

  Have been to Kobe a few times since I stepped my foot in Akashi(my college).But never posted the pictures I've taken before.Since I'm quite free today,(after a whole day of shopping) and will be off tomorrow and leave my blog here without a post for at least 2~3 weeks,let you guys have fun reading,or I say seeing pictures here.(Since most of my friends keep asking me to post picture not interested to read at all.sigh..)

  Hehe,oh yeah.I went shopping at Porto Bazaar,somewhere near 垂水. It is a very good place to shop.With lots of outlets,selling at much more cheaper price.But no matter how much money you have,or how many discounts they are offering it makes no difference(for me..or if you love shopping).Still your wallet will leak(from 'bocor' ),like I did today.Just couldn't control myself.Aiks..
  Oh yeah to my sista,I found factory outlet of 'Coach'.They are having 40~50% discount and a normal handbag,middle size cost like rm1000~1500 like that.Don't know if it's 'cheap' for you 2 or not.Factory outlet..Hmmm I don't know if they are rejected stuffs or not.But there were quite a lot of people in the shop,and,it doesn't look as classy as the ones in Mid Valley and Pavilion.

  Some pics of Kobe(went with my ex-roommate and seniors once,and by myself once.) :

View of Kobe Port Tower and don't know what what museum night from Mosaic(a high class place for dining).Having dinner while looking at those..There's rumour that in one of the restaurant,it only serves couples.And seems like proposing there is very likely to succeed.Lol..All my male friends yang ada gf,have a think bout it. ^^

Mozart in a garden.They write there to pay tribute for his contribution in music to the world.


Had 'bak chang' there.Malaysia ones definitely taste better

Kobe Mosque

Guess what is this?It's a police station

The following pictures are taken in 異人館,a place where lots of foreigners were staying(mostly form Europe) and their houses were being remained till now.Have some feel like walking in a street in Europe.hehe..

  Forgotten to take pictures of shopping streets.But..nvm la its just streets with lots of shops.wahahha~

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's over!!!

  It's over!!Yeah!!I'm so happy now!!Wahahah...EXAM'S OVER!!.It has been 2 long long weeks.Hmm..Tried my best anyway..So should be no regrets.And am going to enjoy this summer break to the max!

  Wow..Still like can't believe that holiday has started.So many things to I have enough time for all these?Hmm..It is a nearly 2 months' break.So hope I can make full use of it.Next year's summer going to be busy with entrance exam's preparation and all..So this could be the only time I can really have fun without worries.

  Gotta start doing my preparation to Hokkaido and Tokyo. Research on transports,where to go,food...are not done yet.Glad that I have good friends who have planned all that. KAMSIAH!! 

  This noon going to sing K with my classmates..waha..I can sing not much Japanese song..After if I sing those classic like 翼をください(for example) don't know they will laugh or not.LOL..But it's the first time going with them.So..Just wanna have fun. FUN FUN FUN~~!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


It's Friday afternoon.
No more classes.
Weekend it is.
But don't have the mood at all.
I think I did badly in my 代数 paper just now.
Friends are in summer break.
My exam continues till next wednesday.
What if I have to resit?
What if the date clashes with Hokkaido trip?
Hmmm...Hope and pray I pass..
So that I will have a perfect summer holiday
Without worrying bout it.
I'm gonna do better next time!!!