Sunday, May 31, 2009


 You guys know who is Adam Smith? Perhaps those of you who take Economics are familiar with this name. YES!! He's the guy who made an engineering student, ME squeezing my brain juice to understand his 'mercantilism' thingy. I don't understand why we have to take this subject, furthermore in Japanese. I totally don't understand a sh*t on it and for the past 6 classes, all I did was talking and reading Inuyasha in class. *.* 

 After a year here, I could see my studies are surrounding by knowledge 'created' by a few persons, or expansion of this few person's idea. For example..

 Ding dong!! Apple means an apple , my gf notebook and.... NEWTON!

  To be honest I didn't really know how amazing this guy was. Now that most of the things I'm studying are based on his Equation of motion, and many other new idea came out because of him. 

 Next , Mr Leonhard Euler. Use Euler's formula can help you solve lots of mathematics problems. Others like Taylor, etc etc. Einstein never came out :D

 Oh I'm an engineering student. And I really don't like A.Smith.  
 Monday onwards, 14 subjects. Bring it on! Some changes happened in me and I feel like I'm learning to enjoy the process of learning, and it feels brilliant to have the feeling that you have gained more knowledge. =)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


nasi lemak..

har mee..

roti canai.



chicken rice..

wantan mee..

char kuey teow..

ice kacang..


bah kut teh..

ayam rendang..

tandoori chicken..

noodle soup..

kfc (msia flavor)..



curry chicken..

nasi briyani..

beef rendang..

sweet and sour pork..


hokkien mee..

char bee hun..

yong taufu..

char siew pao..

keropok lekor..


ikan bakar..

wait.. did i mention nasi lemak?


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

新型インフルエンザ , Swine Flu , Influenza A, H1N1 .. Whatever you wanna name it

 It is here, yes here in Kansai - Kobe, Osaka and Hyogo.. Damn it. How come?? From Mexico all the way to the east now in Japan. 176 got infected(as of 5pm 19th May) in just merely 3~4 days, from the origin of 4 people found infected in Narita airport.

 Those who are worrying bout me, thanks. Don't worry too much cause I'm "still" safe so far.

 School is closed for a week until further notice, everyone wearing mask wherever I go, all the notices on TV, stations shops telling you to wash your hand perfectly clean and gargle your mouth whenever it is possible, hygiene purposes etc etc. 

 I can't understand why would people shout with joy when it is announced that school will be closed for a week. Childish arses ! THANKS to that my summer break will be shorten. The worst part is I have bought my air tickets. Don't know what will happen later if I needed to attend replacement classes . Sh*t !

 Now I'm very free . Got nothing to do, don't mention bout study cause it is impossible to concentrate now ( its like normal holiday, who would study in holiday?!) Cannot go Kobe or Osaka to have fun cause all kind of activities are restricted. If I go east, to Himeji.. Nothing fun there >.<

 Let's pray that it will stop spreading. Keep hygiene !

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Please, please

  Hey you, reading my blog now. Means very free right? Got time to read blog.. 

  Go watch this, ok? Please ! If you're busy just let it load, and watch it from time 1:30 onwards. 

  Thank you. 
  Thank you very much. 

Monday, May 11, 2009



  ...I feel lonely. 


 Have to face it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Golden Week

  Hey friends~~ I mean my friends in Malaysia. I'm in holiday again. Wahaha...But for 5 days only, this is what we call Golden Week in Japan , every first week of May when we have Environment Day, Children's Day, another one I don' know plus Saturday and Sunday. Even though it is just a 5 days break (not a week) but , no complains! Lying on the bed, under my warm and comfortable futon reading manga is my new-favorite hobby now. Spent the first two days reading Bleach and Inuyasha. 

  This year, again invited by a bunch of host family to have a barbeque party in Kakogawa, 坂川さん's(Sakagawa san) house. He's doing some business related to threads and stuffs. The best part is, I got to know lotsa Catholics there ^^. So I think from this week onwards I will start going to Kakogawa Church~ I even met a priest there, Father Michael from Philippine. We had some great talk, and no I didn't have my confession there. xD

  Most of the people there are Catholics , which made me very very happy. And, the best part is we had people from Japan, Mongolia, India, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Korea. International!

The place where I had lotsa great great food .

One of the host parents, 笠間さん(Kasama san)performing a traditional Japanese dance

Event organizer x sponsor x boss (at the right) 坂川さん
The jisan holding Kirin beer name 川村一一さん

Father Michael
First time I talked so much with a priest.
And got to know some interesting facts bout being a priest.

  At the evening, I moved east to Kobe and met old PPKTJ mate this cute lady Cik Siti Aminah(Toyama Kosen) who once sat beside me in class. Can't remember たんぽぽクラス or 空クラス。She was alone because Barni(Kochi Kosen) and Rehan(Niihama Kosen) dumped her to go watch 東方神起 Secret Code Concert. So I brought her around and had dinner before all of us gather later at night. 

Finally around 10++ met this 2 hardcore Tohoushinki fan.
Waited for them in front of train station and could see lots and lotsa ladies (mostly obaachan)
all carrying goods from concert, and of course Barni and Rehan did as well.
Even complain couldn't buy more cause sold out. =.="
The spot I love the most in Kobe =]