Sunday, May 29, 2011


A rainy Sunday. Raining season now in Japan, rain can fall non stop for more than 3 days. Remember one I have experienced sometime 1 or 2 years ago, where rain was falling for 1 whole week. No where to go unless I have a car, just too lazy to carry an umbrella to... where? No idea where to go. Didn't go to church today , using the rain and watching a heart breaking Champions League final as excuses. I'm sorry God , I know I'm bad ;(

The 8 days spent in Korea was a a different experience this time,thanks to . An awesome one, having fun with the locals, dining with Korean family and went onto a date with a cute Korean lady. Wow. I can say it was a 8 day well spent ;p .Never thought I would be so busy since coming home and had no time to talk about it . Events in uni and reports taken up most of my time.

Enjoy some coffee is this chilly- rainy-afternoon, I wish I had a coffee maker. Will just do with instant coffee now.

2 months entering university, many things have changed. The only thing that hasn't change is : I'm still in Japan. 4th year in this country, time to think about my future soon. Working here? Continue my studies here? Go home? Study or working in another country? So much to think, yet nothing is decided.

All the above are not bothering me actually, what I have in my mind is what am I going to do in this coming summer holiday. Something is planned xD

As for today ,I'm gonna be lazy until evening, listening to music, surfing the internet and read useless articles, then only start panicking on my reports. Yes I think this is the best way to spend your weekend. Since it is meant for you to rest, not doing work. Why are they giving us works to be done on weekends? What is the meaning of holiday? Ish..