Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All Good Things Come To An End

 I'm back in Japan now, in my room after a week's holiday in Seoul, Korea. Slept at 8 and got up at 3 *.* .Have been terribly down for the past 2 days ( the day before I leave Korea and the last day ). Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful time in Korea, a 10 girls(all seniors) 2 guys trip was much more interesting , or fun than what I have thought. In fact, it was just superb. 

 Leaving home to study in Japan, we can hardly meet Malaysian friends . And when we meet again, it was neither in Japan nor Malaysia but in Korea. That feels kind of special. Oh it was a crazy trip.

Akashi Kosen : May Ching, Joyce and me
Gunma Kosen : Xin Ning, Pik Yee
Nara Kosen : Wern
Wakayama Kosen : Wan Ying
Kitakyushu Kosen : Kai Ning
Suzuka Kosen : Kelly and Tang Yii
Oyama Kosen : Joceline
Nagaoka Kosen : Joanne

 I think I was so happy, too happy that made me felt so hard to say goodbye.All good things would come to an end. The better time you had means the harder for you to say goodbye? Maybe I need a few days to become normal again. Its been so long since I last speak Chinese and English so freely for a week. Now gotta get back to Japanese again. Hee.. Well I won't talk much anyway until the school starts. 

 Thanks to everyone who made this trip a success. I had such a great time there. 

 Special thanks to organizer Joyce and MayC , and new friends that I made - Malaysian students in Korea whom take good care of us, even it was just for 2 days : Er Seng , Michelle , Mei Yee , Zhan Wei , Amy and some others sorry I can't remember all of your names.

 Should have post bout Korea la.. Don't know why am I writing sad stuffs. Aiks.. Will do it later la.. Must pull myself back to reality. *slaps*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Holla!! Hello from Seoul, Korea !!! It's cold here *****freeze*****
-4 celcius +.+''

Everything is cheap , since I'm holding Japanese yen. Hehe..

I'm gonna :

Eat, eat, eat, eat and eat, and have lotsa fun!!!!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Keanu Reeves.. Was An Hour Away!!!

 Went to host family's house for xmas lunch today.. And she told me that Keanu Reeves came to somewhere near town for the launch of 'The Day The World Stood Still'.

  I was like... WHAT??? He was just an hour away from me yesterday. How come I didn't know bout it?? ARGHHH !! When other oBaa-chan  heard the news they too shouted like this : 何(nani)??!!

 Click here for the news( in Japanese though)..

  Sigh.. Double sigh!! It's Keanu Reeves!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Wanna create a new definition for the word 'Christmas' for those who are in a foreign country. 

Definition : The birth of Lord Jesus Christ .
and,   Gathering of all family members and celebrate it in joy and peace... will be changed into :
 a tough period where he/she has to endure the difficulties of loneliness,being away from home or , the period when he/she misses  home the most. 

synonym : homesick 

Everywhere you go, people talk bout Christmas. I think the Japanese are more excited on Christmas than Christians in Malaysia. This is no joke. You get to enjoy the 'Xmas atmosphere' everywhere you go, especially in big cities. Shopping malls, furniture shops, electronic goods shops, train station, everywhere. I could hear Christmas songs being played. Waitress in cute santa costume, even workers in convenience store, they are in full red, with a Rudolph's horn on their head. Lights in the city, just like what you can see when it is Hari Raya in Malaysia.

I bet if you are in certain malls in Malaysia now, you can hear Chinese New Year songs right? Those noisy drums.. From my experience. ;p

Well, this lovely Xmas atmosphere is not helping me. These are making me to feel down when I go shopping>< (yeah I went shopping again). I miss going Xmas shopping with my sisters and mom(not because I can use their credit card ). I can't get to collect my presents under the Xmas tree anymore. I wanna give my mom a present.I wanna have that delicious Xmas dinner with my grandpa. I wanna sing ENGLISH Xmas songs in church cause I don't understand a thing what are the Japanese singing here. 

I've got to endure this. The second strike is coming soon, a month after Xmas ---> CNY. Sobb..
I wonder any cute Japanese girls wanna know more bout Xmas? I can tell her everything I know since the Japanese wants to know about western culture so much.
What the heck, I don't want any girls. I miss my family. I miss home. 

By the way, Merry Christmas :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sexy Pilot? Sexy Uniform? Sexy Attitude?

  Gosh I'm going to share something very embarrassing today.. Most of you might think that 

'Oh I never thought that Vincent is that kind of person'
'Yierrr.. why this guy so disgusting one?'
'I must not tell anyone that I have this fellow as my friend'
'I'm not going to read this blog aymore..'

then you'd better stop reading.. I don't want to spoil the image of mine on you guys ( IF I am that kind of good guy to you. wahahhaha~~~) 
But if you think that.. aiyah Vincent as an evil la.. then welcome, please con' reading. ^^

OK here it goes...:

  I just found out.. I just found out that.. that... that.. that.. Japan Railway (JR) 's pilot (WOMAN).. are.. are.. are.. are...are so damn freaking sexy!!!! 

  With their smart looking suits , a cute hat.. hair tied up neatly(like a rice ball hanging there  below their hat).. pretty and hot + not so thick make ups.. snow white gloves.. badges and stripes on their uniforms .. Carrying a black working bag .. always standing straight, giving a full 90 degree bow when they move from a coach to another.. ( I actually had a chance to sit at the first coach of a train where I can see the every single moves of a pilot perfectly clear. The pilot was a really ...... lady )

  Of course, maybe not all of them are that HOT but I found that most of them ARE.(Actually not 'A', but a several chances to sit at the first coach ) I don't know why I was attracted by their appearance. Maybe is it because usually pilots are males? No they don't wear extremely short or mini skirt when they are on duty. Just normal pants, unlike those in McD or maid cafe, or other restaurants. But why???? Why do I think that they are so sexy????

  After thinking and thinking.. I realized. There were no smiles on their face. (Doesn't mean  I want my future wife to show me serious face everyday) Navigating a train is a very serious matter, just like navigating an airplane. Japanese' attitude - work professionally. You can see that in almost every places which provides services. Restaurants and saloon are the best examples. With all those 'irrashaimase~~~' , 'arigatou gozaimahita~~~' and so on. But when it comes to navigating a train, the most important transportation in Japan, it is a no-laughing matter. A train carries more passengers than an airplane(I even mean airbus) . So can you say airplane pilots carry more responsibility than a train pilot?

  OK back to my topic. Uniforms from Japan. CUTE RIGHT?? Who doesn't agree with me on this? I uploaded a picture of mine in Japanese high schools' uniform in Facebook, I got so many overwhelming responses. Wahaha~~  Sailor uniforms, maid uniforms, cosplay, etc etc. They are so famous in this world that MOST of the GUYS in this world know that Japan produces the best adult videos , or has the largest p*rn industry in the world. And the hot items are ladies in uniforms. Guys if you are reading this don't act that you don't know just admit it. Ladies if you don't know bout it please take note that most of the guys do know bout this fact.  *winks*

  I don't know if I'm going to walk to the furthest side of the platform just to get onto the first coach everytime I get the chance to board onto a train. People from Akashi don't tell others if you see me standing at the furthest side of the platform. Hmmm..I'm not going to do that anyway so no worries.;p  I'm not sure bout other places (I'm in KANSAI, which means most of the HOT pilots that I saw were under JR West. JR East,North .. I have no idea. Other friends mine to share?

  At the end of the day.. All I wanted to say is.. Actually I was attracted by their so-professional attitude.I found those sexy.  Hehe~~--->Don' say this 'hehe' betrayed my last sentence. I really mean it... :P

Monday, December 8, 2008

好想 好想 好想逃走




一个字   > 廃

Saturday, December 6, 2008


  Well, this is not MY DECEMBER, but wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear sempai -> May Ching , it is her birthday today. Thanks for all your guidance all these while ;).

Next, to this cute lil girl Chew Hong which is TOMORROW ..big girl d!! X.X Take good care of yourself, Don't play too much even though it's your right to play all you want now. Heee~

Then to miss blurr siew feng (at the end of December so no need to mention la still long to go.) 

Then to the to-be Miss Sendai ms Pang Jun Hui, bravo Kisarazu mr Lai Chai Ei 

and , last but not least my leng chai cousin Alvan Tan

MayC (6th), CH(7th) , Jun(16th), Chai Ei(17th), Alvan(27th) , Siew Feng(28th). >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HAPPY BIRHTDAY~~

Wow.. That sounds a lot huh? But I think there were quite a number more .. Sorry if I forgot to mention k.. Jgn letak dlm hati ye!

Early December.. entered winter.. cold and windy.. Exam..!!

But after exam, mid December.. everything's going to be alright! Hehe~~
Got to know something today, damn happy. Which is ----->COLDPLAY is coming to town!! Yeah !!!! So happy!!!! They will have 2 shows in Tokyo and 2 IN KOBE. KOBE!!! wohooo~~so happy. Ticket starts selling on 20th this month, cost 9000 yen which is around rm360 . *.* Expensive. But who cares? Its COLDPLAY dude! One of the best band in the world. I can't wait to sing along .Hehe.. Their first show in Tokyo is SOLD OUT.Gosh... Gotta act fast before I stay alone on Valentine's Day next year. I'm going to the 14th February show. Makes me won't feel that lonely. Wahaha~~ but come to think again, seeing all those couple kissing there in concert...Yucks!! Hope its not going to happen. It'll be really annoying. Just because I'm single? Hmmm... Maybe I have been single for too long. Hahaa~~

Clocks in My Place are Yellow, which creates A Rush of Blood to My Head. The Scientist tried to FIX ME(you) but all those X & Y traveled like the Speed of Sound ..... i dont know how to continue. Got it? These are all classic songs! Ermm.. I'm not a very good song writer though. 

Seriously in my mind, all the clocks in the world are green color for me since I saw their music video  'Clocks'. Fuh~~ 

The most important thing of all in December is...... CHRISTMAS!!! Too bad I can't celebrate it with my family this year . But.. but.. I'll be loitering around Seoul on that day I guess. Wahaha.. So don't mind la. Christmas wish? I wish to see LINKIN PARK live in Japan next year. Hmm.. Don't say I'm greedy la k..

K gotta go back to my notes soon. It's da scary Strength of Materials. ><

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Robotic Sex

 These are what I found in a book, Vision Technology. Inside it, lots of essays related to technology from 1900 to future predictions. One of them I found interesting,written by Joel Snell in 1997 :

byline: Joel C. Snell

title: Impacts of Robotic Sex


Robots that provide sexual companionship are likely to become common in the future. Prototype models have already been reported from Japan. (Take note!)


The future “sexbots” will have humanlike features, and are soft and pliant, like the latest dolls for children. Sexbots will contain vibrators to provide tactile stimulation and sound system to provide “love talk.”


Sexbots will be disease free, won’t judge one’s sexual performance and won’t say no. They will never have a headache or demand alimony.


They could alter human relations. Here are a few impacts of sexbots:


* Marriages may be destroyed by sexbots. A husband chooses sex with the sexbot, alienating his wife; the jealous wife destroys her sexbot rival and sues the manufacturer.


*Individuals may change gender orientation. Heterosexual people may use a same-sex sexbot to experiment with homosexual relations. Or gay people might use other -sex  sexbots to experiment with



*Robotic sex may become addictive(This sounds a bit dangerous). Sexbots would always be available and NEVER SAY NO, so addictions would be easy to feed. People may become obsessed by their ever faithful, ever pleasing sexbot lovers and rearrange their lives to accommodate their addictions. Eventually, support groups form.


*Robotic sex may become “better” than human sex. Like many other technologies that have replaced human endeavors, robots may surpass human technique; because they would be programmable, sexbots would meet each individual user’s needs. Would electronic and robotic sex reduce teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, abortions, pedophilia, and prostitution? The jury is still out on these

implications. However, boundaries, barriers, and beliefs will be challenged.


..What will happen to my great-grandson then? Hmmm.. I think it's not going to happen in my lifetime. So I won't have the chance to enjoy it. LOLZ
Read online news last 2 months that Japanese guys are trying to make marrying anime characters legal. So I don't see any reason this thing won't be happening in future.

What say you?