Monday, March 30, 2009

Cathedrals - St Mary and St Patrick

 2 of the most beautiful churches that I have ever been to. St Patrick in Melbourne and St Mary in Sydney. Enjoy the pictures ^^
St Patrick's Cathedral

St Mary's Cathedral


Beautiful Sydney (2)

 Part 2~

 Among other things that we did, was like taking a 2 hour Captain Cook Cruise which was a superb experience, went to the Olympic Park with Aunt Fiona (she met up with us 2 days later) and had dozens of pictures taken. 

Rich people's houses
In Sydney, can you imagine how rich are they?

Sydney Olympic Games Stadium
Olympic Aquatic center

 Don't know what to write.. Just.. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Hehe

Friday, March 27, 2009

Beautiful Sydney (1)

 Day 3, paid 25 dollar and take a cab to go to the airport, met my family. 2 flights, 1 from Melbourne (my uncle) and the other from KL (my mum) arrived almost at the same time. Was so so so glad that I had the chance to have a holiday with them =) . 

The kids were craving for MacDonalds . And, I realized that mum is really getting old.
She had more white hairs =(

Well, lemme introduce to you Uncle Ben, the best uncle in the world

And my cousins - Rhys Tan
Yasmin Tan

A fountain in The Royal Garden
I don't know who is that. Some governor or something.
The famous Opera House. (Didn't go in)
Harbour Bridge 
I swear to myself next time I go I wanna go for the Harbour Bridge Climb!
I can't remember the ship's name >.<

Then, at a beautiful place call Darling Harbour ( beaufitul name as well)
Night,evening and morning.

 Google's Blogger is driving me crazy. So can't upload everything here, well maybe more in FB. Only the main events here alright ~

 We spent almost a week in Sydney, and in the first few days we were in the town all the time. Stayed in Woolbrokers Hotel, near Darling Harbour where is very near to every place. Went into Powerhouse Museum, gone up to the Sydney Tower, Paddy's Market, took a 2-hour cruise, etc etc. The kids, made this trip a noisy, fun and lively one. But.. PAI SI LAAAA!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Think.. Australia Is A Very Good Country ;p

  Helo~ I'm back.. Didn't want to come back though.. But that Melbourne F1 Grand Prix made the air ticket so expensive so I had to come back earlier . OK . From Kansai Airport to Gold Coast Brisbane transit to Sydney by Jetstar, was how I traveled. One word- tiring. Well, wasn't as bad as when I traveled with seishun18 kippu from Tokyo to Kobe.

 Spent my first 2 days in Sydney with my old mate from high school, Mr Chuee. Sydney is EXPENSIVE. Believe me. Certain stuffs are even more expensive than Japan. Luckily I came at the right time, 円高 . Heee.

 Australia students just re-started their school life 2 weeks before I reach there. Since he was having classes, felt quite paiseh for bothering him. Sorry man! And really thank you a lot =)

Ting Feng brought me to Market City- place to get cheap stuffs, or shall I say it is d market style.But most of the time that I spent with him was in University of Sydney. Yeah he is a smart arsss studying there with our government's money ^^, doing aerospace engineering.  

Gargoyle  ~ from one of the building in USYD.

A museum in the university. 

Guess what?! They were displaying some mummies! Me seeing real mummy for the first time. Oh maybe my next trip is Egypt.

University of Syndey. (I only upload the nice ones)

Around the campus (Japan uni got like this?)

The new building for The Faculty of Law. USYD is famous for their law studies, according to my friend. Really??

Next, I met my family, Uncle Ben, Yasmin and Rhys plus my mum in the airport. Will blog it in the next post.

Monday, March 9, 2009

T-shirt and Shorts

Hello~Saying hi from the southern hemisphere. Currently in Sydney,Australia. Stepped my leg into the southern part of the earth for the first time. Sitting in front of a huge computer screen in my friend Ting Feng's house saying hi to you all , thanks to the advance technology =)

Will meet my mum and Uncle Ben, Yasmin and Rhys tomorrow. Thank God that I'm here safely. Hope and pray that the others will reach here safe too, and then have a wonderful holiday in Sydney and Melbourne.

To my friends who are traveling in HK,Taiwan, Europe and even back in Malaysia, have a happy holiday. 5th year seniors, benkyou gannbatte! See you guys again in sakura season xD

Monday, March 2, 2009


 End of my first year in kosen!!Thank God everything went well.Hehe.. Which means d end of kosen life for my 5th year senpais also~ hmm.. I don't know how they feel but I could see everyone was quite happy in this party in 前澤さん's apartment yesterday. Almost all of Akashi kosen foreign students were here, including Kim's tutor Kitano and some other super seniors from Vietnam, Laos etc.

 So,we had people from Japan,Malaysia,Laos,Vietnam,and China. Cool huh? I could hear so many languages around. Hehe.

 What's da best thing bout party? FOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! Yeah~~~~ I'm so sick of my college's canteen food d. Plus now holiday started. Gotta eat the food that is cooked by myself. Of course eating Japanese veteran's cooking is better =P. Brought back quit a lot for today's dinner as well. Hoho~

 We rented this little hall in 前澤さん's house,after the whole morning of preparation from all the cute baachan, and some little help from the foreign students,

We had sooooo many food...
Food!! Till the end of the pic.
I love this. 
Not yakisoba, tasted like real hokkien mee.

Some random pics
Credit to Joyce who snapped this:
Kak Joyce eating the super sweet thingy
Sooooo ngam, it was Mr Chaipet(Laos)'s birthday yesterday.
He was in superbly good mood 
Our heroin,前澤さん
we call her ばばtoo.
See she was cutting the oranges when we just started our lunch.
So 偉大 
卒業生 ー シアさん
Funny pose. Hehe~

 Wish all the graduate students all the best when they enter university =)
 Next year, Joyce and Afiq's turn. Next next year, MY TURN. oOo0o0Ooh my gosh.. Time flies. We have finished a sixth of a year. Fast huh?