Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I saw him in my dream last night

He was sleeping right beside me

I could feel his hair , the warmth from his body

The feeling was , so comfortable and nice

Just like how it used to be

Suddenly I realize that it was just a dream

He wasn't sleeping beside me

It was empty

He is gone, forever

My eyes were wet without me realizing

I miss you so much

Are you doing good up there ?

Love you , stitch

Thursday, November 8, 2012






Friday, November 2, 2012

Lijiang , Shang-rila

Lijiang, Yunnan in China, is the most beautiful place for me in my 1 and a half month backpacking in China. And here I would like to share some of the pictures taken there(all pictures were taken with my iPhone4 , with some help of an Olloclip). I spent my final 2 weeks in Yunnan, visited Kunming, Lijiang and Shangrila. I had it all in Lijiang and Shangrila, my first ever Tibetan food, visiting a Tibetan house, horse riding, hiking and overnight in the mountains , biggest smile ever from the minorities , and much more. 

Years of laziness to blog makes it difficult for me to write anything, at all. I doubt if my Japanese is better than English now? I don't know. But one thing for sure is, 1.5 month in China had definitely improved my Chinese. 
Entrance of Lijiang Oldtown

The very Chinese feel oldtown

A River flowing IN the main street.
This is in front of a coffee shop in Baisha, Lijiang

People who still live in the very traditional style. 
Cutting woods as source of energy , keeping poultry and planting vegetables
as source of food.


Damien from China, and Nave from Israel

When I was in Panba guesthouse(highly recommend), I met these 2 guys and invited them to hike with me to Tiger Leaping Gorge. They agreed at the very first second I invited. Damien is a graduate student in Beijing University, while Nave is a student who has 4 years military experience in Israel.The stories that we share with each other throughout the hike has widen my knowledge so much, and once again being grateful to God for whatever that I have(after the stories of Nave at war in Israel). 

Shepherd with his sheep came when we were resting
 at a waterfall in the mountain

In our hike, the one and only route was ruined because of a landslide in July. 
Therefore this is how we continued our road, the only way was to get through 
this scary road.

Lugu Lake. A long bus ride, but it was worth it. 
Very interesting culture where you don't need to 
get marry to have children. Check out Mosuo minority
It is said that guys drinking the water from this lake will get pregnant!
I had 2 sips . Btw, this is the lake in the classical Chinese literature 
'Journey to The West' 

Me in Shangrila

Tibetans. Awesome smile on the left. 

The only black dot in my travel was this, as China and Japan 
were in the island dispute, I had a complication in feelings
cause one is my root country, while the other is a country that
take very good care of me in the past 5 years.
Demonstrations were in a few cities that I stayed.
Hope this problem will be gone ASAP

These are just a tiny part of my trip. 42 days of travel can't be blogged in a post, I'll just leave it here. Or shall I use my time to do more research on my next trip? 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012




Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In china

In china , I've

seen people spitting anywhere
Eaten all kind of delicious food
Meeting people from china,Switzerland , Australia, Japan,Taiwan,Russia,Papua new guinea , hong kong,Spain,England,Malaysia,Austria,Italy... And many more
Had really cheap coffee(Americano)
Used the 'best' toilets
No toilet paper experience 囧
Seated in the train for 18 hours
Taken Chinese bullet train
Push and not queueing when I wanna take public transport
Spitted once on the road like a Chinese
Learnt about Chinese history
Walking under 40C degree in Shaoxing and hangzhou
Couchsurfed 5 cities with 7 amazing hosts
Slept on 2 couch, 2 floors, 1 hotel, 3 youth hostels
Reusing dirty clothes
Visited no less than10 museums
My backpack started with 8.9kg in shanghai is now 13 kg
Spent 4200yuan and still counting
Had really really cheap beers
Spoken mandarin,Cantonese,Japanese,English , Hokkien
Holiday romance
Rented a bike and ride around an island
Cursed the people who did not queue at the counter
Had kfc once , McDonald's 3 times
Cheated people that I'm a Chinese to save the trouble of explaining why Malaysian Chinese can speak good mandarin.
Getting really close to Tibet but can't go in because of visa problem
Read 2 books
Discussing with people about politics , and telling them about Malaysia and Japan
Missing home

And the list goes on ..
10 days left in this country. Shangrila is waiting for me!!